Easy Acupressure for Anxiety Relief

Using acupressure for anxiety is an easy and effective home remedy that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Acupressure is a simple ancient healing technique that anyone can try for themselves. It uses the fingers to apply pressure to certain points on the body which then stimulates our natural self-healing qualities. And unlike acupuncture, it requires no special skills.

There are several key acupressure points on the body that you can use to help reduce your anxiety levels.

Please note that I am not qualified in acupressure. The information I present below is based on my own research and experience in using acupressure for my own health.

How to Apply Pressure

Generally, the middle finger is best for applying pressure due it's strength. The thumb would be the second choice.

Press directly down on the point using a firm but gentle pressure, enough to produce discomfort but not intense pain. You will find that most points are tender so you will know when you have hit the spot. You can also massage very gently in a clockwise motion, but don't rub.

Continue to apply this constant pressure for 30-60 seconds, twice a day. Be sure to do both sides of the body.

Acupressure for Anxiety - Great Points to Use

nei guan

1. Nei Guan (P6 or Inner Gate)

This point helps to relieve anxiety, stress and shallow breathing. It's also good for nausea. The Nei Guan point is on the inside of the forearm. Go to the middle of the crease on the inside of the wrist, and then move down approximately 2 inches toward the elbow. The point lies between the two tendons that you will feel there.

shen men

2. Shen Men (H7 or Spirit Gate)

Good for anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and fear. The Shen Men is on the inside crease of the wrist, on the little finger side. It is in the small hollow you will feel between the bones just to the little finger side of the two tendons mentioned for the Nei Guan point.

3. Yin Tang (GV 24.5 or Third Eye Point)

Acupressure to this point will help to calm and quiet the mind and the body. This point is located directly between the eyebrows. Be gentle with this point.

dan zhong

4. Dan Zhong (CV17 or Sea of Tranquillity)

This is considered one of the best points to relieve anxiety and nervousness. It promotes instant calm when you are in a state of emotional distress. This point is located in the centre of the breastbone right between the breasts in women, and about nipple height in men. You will likely feel very tender at this point. It is beneficial to also take some gentle deep breaths while working on this point.

san yin jiao

5. San Yin Jiao (SP6 or Three Yin Intersection)


Good for worry, fear, anxiety related emotions and insomnia. To find this point, go to the inner ankle bone then move up approximately 3 inches, just behind the shin bone.

6. Zu San Li (ST36 or Leg Three Li)

Helps with worry, over-thinking, and calms the spirit. This point is three inches below the knee cap, then to the outer side of the leg just to the side of the shin bone.

he gu

7. He Gu (LI4 or Union Valley)


This point is great for any type of emotional stress. This point is located in the muscle between the thumb and the pointer finger, about one inch from the edge of the hand webbing.


As mentioned above, do not use the San Yin Jiao or He Gu point during pregnancy.

Do not press directly on an injured area.

If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor before commencing any alternative therapies.

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