Australian Bush Flower Essences
- Safe and Powerful Healing Remedies

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are an energy healing system that stimulate healing on an emotional, mental and spiritual level, and once these negative imbalances are released, harmony can also occur at the physical level.

When we use the flower essences to re-balance our energy system,
our true being emerges and amazing things can occur.

Created from the unique flowers of the Australian bush, they capture the power and energy of our beautiful country.

Australian Bush Flower Essences

I am a Certified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and have been using these flower essences for many years. I find their healing qualities fascinating, and I am excited to share my passion for these remedies with you.

Australia, my birthplace and home, is a unique place in the world. Its landscape is ancient and varied, from tropical rainforests to the rugged desert mountains, from alpine snowfields to the scorching outback plains - we have it all!

And each region produces its own special variety of flowers that have miraculously adapted to their environment. Australia has some very harsh conditions, and so our flowers and the essences they produce are very strong and powerful.

I took the above photo of the spectacular Sturt Desert Pea in the outback desert area of South Australia, about an hours drive from where I once lived.

It amazes me how such an incredibly beautiful flower thrives in the dryness and heat.

The essence made from this flower is very special indeed. It works to release deep hurt, pain and grief, even if we have been hanging on to it for a very long time. It allows you to let go of all the sadness inside.

The creator of the Australian Bush Flower Essences is Ian White, an Australian naturopath. He first began developing these remedies in 1987 and he continues to make them to this day.

The Australian Aborigines are also known to have utilised native flowers for healing body, mind and spirit well before Australia was colonised.

Some Case Histories of Australian Bush Flower Essence Healing

Where do I begin? I have prescribed many flower essences over the years and have been blessed to witness many positive changes in my family, my clients, and of course myself.

1. My Son - the Shy and Fearful Child

One of the most beautiful changes I have witnessed has been with my youngest son. As a toddler, he was quite a serious child and very reserved. He didn't laugh and fool around like my older son did, and he often had quite a stern look on his face.

He also disliked other children and seemed to view others as a threat. In short, he wasn't as 'child-like' as you'd expect a young child to be, and I felt he was missing out.

I had given him several different essences, and they all addressed different issues one layer at a time. But when I gave him one particular combination that I created especially for him - what a difference I saw in him after just one day! 

Suddenly, he was laughing and giggling and fooling around like any other little boy. He was even instigating his own fun and laughter and getting the rest of us to join in. Now at eight years of age, he still sings and dances and has the most gorgeous little giggle.

The essence hasn't turned him into an exhibitionist - far from it! He is still fairly quiet and likes his own company. But it's wonderful to see him having fun and enjoying life more, and playing happily with other children.

2. Recover from Surgery More Quickly

After having major surgery, I used the Australian Bush Flower Essences to help myself recover more quickly and restore my energy body . Immediately after the surgery, I began taking a combination called Emergency Essence and took it for two weeks.

This special combination of seven of the Australian Bush Flower Essences assisted me greatly by:

- restoring my aura after it was damaged by the shock of surgery and the effects of anaesthetic
- strengthening and centering the mind and body, and realigning my astral and etheric bodies with the physical body
- giving me psychic protection while my aura was broken by the surgery and anaesthetic
- helping me get over the vague and disconnected feelings caused by the drugs and bringing me securely back into my physical body
- releasing any negative energy that may have entered my aura while it was open
- giving me courage and strength

I am glad to say I was pleased with my rate of recovery from the surgery, and I didn't suffer from the extreme nausea and fatigue that I have done after past surgeries. I also took Slender Rice Flower to restore the energy flow along the cut meridians and Macrocarpa to restore my energy and vitality.

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3. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

I have seen the Australian Bush Flower Essences produce some wonderful results with anxiety and stress. I have a friend who experienced anxiety for many years. She always felt fearful for no apparent reason, had negative thoughts constantly racing through her head and was a habitual worrier.

The flower essences have been a wonderful part of her healing process, and she now enjoys being much more relaxed, happy and content and is not afraid of life.

For many years, I also experienced high levels of anxiety and was generally very fearful and even depressed at times. (You can read more about that on my pages about Anxiety). Along with the other self-help techniques I talk about on my site, I also have used flower essences as a big part of my healing process on many levels.

Still today, if I start to feel a bit stressed about something, I use the essences to bring me back into balance.

The flowers have also been a great catalyst in helping me to find my direction in life and giving me the courage and confidence to pursue my dreams. Once I had decided that creating this website was what I really wanted to do, I used the combination essence known as Creative Essence to help me along. It helped me find the creative flow I needed and I found that I wasn't getting the writer's block that had been plaguing me.

Some other Healing Properties of Australian Bush Flower Essences

There are currently 69 individual essences in this range, each one having its own unique healing property. Below are just a few examples of the wonderful benefits they provide:

Waratah - for those in the depth of a crisis who feel they are at the end of their coping ability. It gives the strength and courage needed to cope with a "black night of the soul". It has been known to help those who are feeling suicidal.

Silver Princess - if you are feeling flat and despondent with no direction in your life, then this remedy can help you. It is for those who are confused about their life purpose, and can give you the motivation to pursue your goals.

Grey Spider Flower - this scary looking flower produces an essence that is for terror of the extreme kind - for the immobilising panic and shaking associated with living your worst nightmare. For some, this could be public speaking, flying, or crowded places.

green spider orchid

Red Suva Frangipani - if you are in a relationship that is ending or has just ended, this will address the intense emotional rawness and turmoil that one goes through at this time.

Angelsword - this allows you to clearly discern the communication you receive from the angels and also from your Higher Self. It cuts off any unwanted entities that may be interfering with your reception to your own inner guidance.

Five Corners - this is one of my favourite essences as it has helped me a great deal. This is a remedy for those with low self-esteem. It helps us to love and accept ourselves, and appreciate our own inner and outer beauty.

Green Spider Orchid - this flower is pictured to the right. I took this picture on a family camping trip to the Gawler Ranges in South Australia. This flower has quite a few healing properties, including assisting with telepathic communication and releasing nightmares and phobias from past lives.

These are just a few examples of what the amazing Australian Bush Flower Essences have to offer.

Ian White has also created two other essence ranges - the White Light Essences and the Light Frequency Essences.

If you would like me to assist you by choosing an essence or combination of essences to help you at this time, you can contact me here. They can be taken singly or in a special combination of up to four or five essences to suit your particular needs. It is best to combine essences in such a way as to address one issue at a time.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences have come to us at this time to empower us to heal ourselves and achieve inner peace and harmony.

(The information contained in the above essence descriptions has been derived from the Australian Bush Flower Essence literature)

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