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For over 70 years, the Bach Flower Essences have been providing us with a safe and easy way to address emotional upheaval and less-than-desirable personality traits (and yes, we all have them - just ask your family!)

Life is full of a variety of experiences - some pleasant and some not-so-pleasant. As a result, we develop beliefs, behaviours and emotional issues. Flower essences, such as those developed by Bach, help us to shed our layers and allow our true selves to shine through.

What Are The Bach Flower Essences?

In the 1930s, Dr Edward Bach created an upsurgeance in familiarity with flower essences to heal body, mind and spirit when he developed the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.

He felt that conventional medicine only treated the symptoms of dis-ease and did not heal the cause. He recognised the link between emotions, stress and the manifestation of dis-ease.

His research also discovered that individuals with the same personality traits would not necessarily develop the same physical symptoms, but would react to illness with similar moods and attitudes - regardless of the dis-ease.

Bach Flower Essences

Therefore, it was obvious to him that the most applicable remedy to heal illness was chosen on the basis of mental and emotional characteristics, not on the symptoms of the illness.

The Bach Flower Essences specifically address 38 negative states of mind. And by overcoming these states Bach believed that the body would respond, and physical dis-ease could be healed.

In comparison, the Australian Bush Flower Essences also specifically address physical and spiritual issues as well as emotional and mental states.

How Have I Used Bach Flower Essences to Help Myself and My Family?

When one of my sons was seven years old he was very afraid of the dark and was afraid to be alone in any room of the house, even in the day time. If he wanted something from another room he needed someone to go with him.

Also, my husband or I would have to lie with him at night until he went to sleep.

I helped him alleviate his fears by giving him a combination of the following Bach Flower Remedies:

Mimulus - for his fear of the dark and venturing around the house alone

Aspen - for his general feelings of fear without really knowing why

Rock Rose - for going into a panic when asked to go to bed by himself, and for occasional nightmares

Larch - to build his confidence

Chicory - for his "clinginess" and demanding constant attention.

I'm glad to say, after a few weeks his fears had well and truly subsided. Every now and then they would resurface a little, but not to the same extent. I gave him another short course of the same treatment whenever needed.

That was over two years ago, and it has been a long time since he has displayed these fears.

I myself have used the Water Violet remedy, as this is suited to certain aspects of my personality.

The Water Violet types enjoy being alone and are very self-reliant. They don't interfere with the affairs of others and similarly do not like any interference in their own affairs.

They sometimes appear aloof and proud, but this is mainly due to their shy and reserved nature.

After using this remedy, I still feel very happy in my own company, but I now feel okay with that whereas I used to think I must be a bit weird. I am also now more open to accepting help from others rather than trying to solve my problems on my own.

I use to think people who offered help were just interfering, but now I realise this is not so.

Bach Flower Essences

Having two young boys as I do can sometimes mean a lot of noise and fighting in the house, as I'm sure some of you can attest to.

When my boys were six and two years old, they went through a really bad patch where they were constantly fighting over toys, getting very aggressive with one another, and feigning injury to get the other one into trouble.

The older child was also being very bossy to the younger one and saying he hated him - oh, happy days! Anyway, to help them out (and save my sanity) I gave them both the following Bach flower essences:

Holly - for the hatred, bullying, anger, fighting and not sharing toys

Vine - for aggressive and domineering behaviour and refusal to 'behave' when asked

Impatiens - for being easily irritated by each other

Willow - resenting and blaming each other

Chicory - for being selfish over toys and gaining attention by pretending to be injured.

After just a few days of this combination things are much quieter. They get on much better these days and love each other dearly. But boys will be boys!

When dealing with issues such as the one I have described above, it certainly pays to take a flower remedy yourself. The good ol' Rescue Remedy is a real winner in any situation where you need to calm yourself down and let go of some stress. We always have some on hand.

Also, when my husband and I are starting to get a little impatient and grumpy with the kids, a course of Impatiens helps us get things back into perspective.

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If you would like some assistance in choosing a Bach Flower Essence to suit your particular needs, please contact me here. They can be taken singly or in a special combination of several essences. It is best to combine essences in such a way as to address one issue at a time.

Negative emotions are a normal and necessary part of life - don't try to deny or suppress them. But if you seem to be dealing with the same difficult emotions on a constant basis this can lead to much distress.

Don't struggle any longer!

If you have a problem with anger, fear or impatience, or want help with personal development issues such as lack of self confidence, Bach Flower Remedies can help you regain your inner balance, find courage and strength and prevent illness.

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