Do You Have a Child Behaviour Problem to Deal With?

If you are fed up with a child behaviour problem, the flower essences have the potential to alter undesirable behaviour patterns and bring harmony back to your home.

How many times have you fell in an exhausted heap at the end of the day, your head in a total spin from dealing with difficult child behaviour?

And if you're faced with the same behavioural difficulties day after day, it can almost become unbearable at times.

How great would it be if you discovered a simple, safe and very effective way to modify your child behaviour problem? Well, this is exactly what the flower essences have the potential to provide.

child behaviour problem

Raising and caring for children can bring with it many emotional challenges, for both you and your child. Of course, it's completely normal, and healthy, for children to go through a wide range of emotions within the space of a day.

And it's important that children be allowed to express their emotions in appropriate ways, so that the energy of the emotion can move through them. This ensures the emotion is not withheld in the body, and it teaches children that it's okay to let people know how they're feeling.

But if you seem to be dealing with the same demanding child behaviour problem day in, day out, the flower essences provide a wonderful catalyst to promote behavioural changes.

And there are many other challenges that you might want to help your child with, such as shyness, fear of the dark or learning difficulties.

Whatever child behaviour problem you and your family are faced with, there is a flower essence remedy that can assist. Whether it be aggression, whinging, refusal to share toys or even tantrums, flower essences can help.

What are the Flower Essences?

The flower essences have been used by ancient civilisations and many indigenous cultures for thousands of years, and over the last 80 years or so they have been gaining popularity in the West as a very powerful healing tool.

Many plants contain marvellous healing properties, and flower essences capture the life force of the flower and its healing qualities within water. There is no plant material in the flower essence, only the energy of the flower, so this means that flower essences are totally safe for absolutely everybody, including children and babies.

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Every different type of flower has a different healing quality, and there are hundreds of flower essences available, made from plants from around the world.

My favourites are the Australian Bush Flower Essences, since I am Australian myself and I see many of these wondrous flowers growing around me. Also well known are the Bach Flower Remedies, the most famous one being the popular Rescue Remedy. 

So How Can The Flower Essences Help My Child Behaviour Problem?

Flower essences work by balancing our 'vibration' or our energy pattern. We are more than just a physical body - we are an intricate network of different energy channels, and flower essences make changes to our emotional and behavioural patterns by balancing our energy system.

So the flower essences stimulate our own inbuilt healing system to make lasting changes at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level, rather than just using medication or other means to cover up symptoms.

For example, the child who displays aggressive behaviour will have an imbalance somewhere within their energy system that supports this particular type of behaviour.

By taking an appropriate flower remedy for aggression, the child's energy system will be rebalanced and it is possible the aggressive behavioural pattern will begin to subside.

And the essence does not have to be taken on an ongoing basis. Permanent changes can be made within a couple of weeks, however each case is different.

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What Child Behaviour Problems can be Helped by the Flower Essences?

There is a flower essence appropriate for almost any situation. Here is a list of just some of the child behaviour problems or challenges that can be addressed using the totally safe flower essences:

  • a child who is easily upset or anxious
  • shyness and lack of confidence with others
  • anger and temper tantrums
  • aggression and anger
  • separation anxiety
  • learning problems, dyslexia and speech difficulties
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • various fears, such as fear of the dark or fear of animals
  • the "It's not fair" attitude
  • a child who has been physically or sexually abused
  • hyperactivity
  • demanding behaviour
  • poor bonding with the mother or father
  • grief from loss of a loved one
  • the effects of separation or divorce upon the child
  • autism
  • difficulty accepting authority
  • bullying
  • difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • whingeing

This list is far from complete, and the number of situations that can be helped by the healing qualities of the flower essences is endless.

Let me give you a couple of examples of how I have used the essences to help my own children:

  • One of my sons tends to use the old "Awww, it's not fair!" moan on a regular basis, such as whenever you say it's bedtime, or you tell him that he can't watch a particular TV programme. So I give him a special blend of flower essences to curb this "victim" attitude for a couple of weeks, and he becomes much more amicable.
  • My youngest son was a particularly shy child from a very young age and found it difficult to interact with others. He made few friends at kindergarten and I was concerned about how he would cope when he started school. I used a combination of Australian Bush Flower Essences to help build his self esteem and confidence, and ease the fear he had of other people. He is now a happy and confident little boy with many school friends.
  • My son developed a great fear of robbers breaking into the house while we were asleep, after a teacher foolishly talked about this in the classroom. He would get very upset at bedtime and was afraid to go to sleep. I gave him a combination of four different Australian Bush Flower Essences to release his fears, protect him from the influence of others and stop the constant worrying thoughts he was having. And I'm very happy to say he hasn't mentioned robbers for a very long time.
child behaviour problem

Is there any child behaviour problem in your life that you would like to change, or do you have or know a child with emotional or mental challenges?

I have been working with the flower remedies for a long time, helping others to heal themselves using the essences as a powerful stimulus for growth and change.

If you would like some assistance in choosing flower essences for your child, please contact me here.

Or if you prefer I can also provide you with a bottle of flower essences made into a special combination to suit your child's particular needs.

The flower essences are for everybody, from the elderly to pregnant women, adults to babies. Why not help yourself too!

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