A Wonderful Exercise for
Clearing Negative Energy

Clearing negative energy on a regular basis is a great way to encourage harmony in your life and allow positive energy to flow.

I learned the following exercise for removing negative energy from Ian White, the founder and creator of the marvellous Australian Bush Flower Essences, when he taught it at one of his workshops that I was attending. I thank Ian for allowing his work to be shared, to help others.

You can do this clearing exercise around any situation, person or place in your life.

Clearing Negative Energy

1. Dedicate three white candles to the Light. Do this by placing them next to or on top of a Holy Book, such as the Bible. Use a book that feels right for you. Then say a dedication or a blessing such as the Lord's Prayer to align them with good. Or you can just say something like "I dedicate these candles to the light".

2. On a piece of white paper write the words for clearing negative energies that feel right for you. Something like "I now release, burn and clear everything negative (...insert the person or people's names, or the situation, or the address of the premises, or your own name, for example). I raise it up and bind it to the Light in the name of (...whatever represents good to you e.g. Lord Jesus Christ/Creator/Great Spirit/God/Goddess/Lord Buddha/etc.)"

For example, you might write "I now release, burn and clear everything negative affecting my health......." or "I now release, burn and clear everything negative affecting the research project I am working on....." or even "I now release, burn and clear everything negative affecting my children...etc". The possibilities for clearing negative energy are endless.

Complete the whole phrase, then underneath that write the three symbols of protection - the rune protection, the balanced cross and the infinity sign, as below.

If you intend repeating this burning, then after the symbols write "this equation now equals A". The next time you do a burning for this subject you only have to write "A" on your paper. If you had a second subject you were doing a burning for, then after the symbols write "this equation now equals B".

3. Fold your paper in half and then in half again, so that the creases form a cross.

4. Light the candles, and ignite your folded paper from all three candles. Pop the burning paper into a non-metal receptacle, making certain that all of the paper burns. Do not use metal in this process, for example the end of a pen to help the paper burn, candles in metal cups, metal candleholders or snuffers. The metal will bind the negativity to you rather than release it.

5. It is purely optional and only if you feel drawn to do so, but some people after the burning follow with either:

(i) Visualising whoever or whatever has just been cleared of negative energies, for example - you, someone else, your house, a situation or event, surrounded in White Light and then surrounded in a Silver Bubble which is connected up to your Creator/God/Great Spirit, etc.

White light is used for protection as it contains all the colours of the Light spectrum and the silver bubble acts a protective shell.


(ii) after you have burnt say the following affirmation:

"I clothe myself and everything else mentioned in the burn in a robe of beautiful white light composed of the love, power and wisdom of God, not only for our own protection but so that all of those who come into contact with it are drawn to God to be healed".

You can make a burning around something a regular event. So if you're doing a burning around selling your house for example, you can do a regular burning until the house is sold.

You can keep a little book that records what letters equate to what burning, as discussed above. But don't re-use the letters. Once you have reached the end of the alphabet, go to A1, A2, etc.

As mentioned, make sure you don't use any metal in this ritual. If you are using tealights, remove them from the metal case, and change the candle before the metal at the base of the candle can be seen through the wax.

Have fun with this simple but powerful ritual for clearing negative energy. It is exciting to see how things in your life change after a burning.

Please Note: I give credit to Ian White's Spiritual Alchemy workshop handouts as the source of this information.

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