Daily Quote from the Famous Abraham-Hicks

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I have long been a fan of the famous Abraham, a group of very wise non-physical entities who bring their teachings to the world through the voice of Esther Hicks.

Abraham-Hicks Publications have now given me permission to display their daily quote from Abraham on my website. The quotation that appears here will be different each day, so why not bookmark this page and enjoy these inspiring quotes on a regular basis.

Every time I read something from Abraham, I feel totally inspired and enlivened. There is immense wisdom and love in the words that come forth through Esther.

I have many of their books in my home library and I regularly pull one of them out when I need some "reminding" about my attitude to life.

Esther, who works with her husband Jerry Hicks, has been receiving inspiration and wisdom from Abraham for over 20 years, and together their work has brought so much to so many. In fact, Louise Hay calls Abraham "some of the best teachers on the planet today."

The information they share is within us all - we are all wise beings who are infinitely connected to the Creator and deep inside of us we all know this "stuff".

However, being in the physical world can be challenging, and so many of us forget very early on in life that we are wondrous, creative, loving and powerful beings. So I give thanks to Abraham, Esther and Jerry for reminding us who we really are and teaching us how to re-connect with our true self and our Source.

Even though Jerry has now passed away (November 2011), Esther continues their work with Abraham, so I look forward to the new levels of wisdom that will be pouring through her.

So I am very excited to have a daily quote from Abraham on my website, and grateful to Abraham-Hicks for providing it to me.

Please enjoy!

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