Dealing With Anxiety the Natural Way

I was once dealing with anxiety for many years of my life, until I learned how to heal myself. Now I would like to share with you the many natural tools and techniques I used to free myself from chronic anxiety.

I first began to experience mild anxiety symptoms in my early teenage years, and over time these feelings slowly escalated. By the time I was in my mid-twenties, living with high levels of chronic anxiety had become a way of life for me.

Dealing with general anxiety on a day-to-day basis can make life very unpleasant indeed, and if you're reading this page then I know how you feel! I would look at other people, how relaxed and laid-back they appeared to be. I was envious of how well they slept, since I tossed and turned nearly every night. (Chronic anxiety haunts you night and day.)

I felt like I was spiraling down further and further - it was like a constant cycle of self destruction. I was anxious about how anxious I was, and that made me more anxious. I was anxious about how tired I felt, and that kept me awake even more! I started to wonder if I had mental health issues.

In my desperation to live a 'normal' life, I began searching for answers to my general anxiety disorder - and I found many. It was a slow process, but today I am free from chronic anxiety, and I feel like a completely different person.

dealing with anxiety

Obviously we all experience short term anxiety on a regular basis - it's part of life. But chronic anxiety can make life hell. So, let's look at my techniques for not only dealing with anxiety, but healing your chronic anxiety for good.

Let me point out that I have never suffered a panic attack or a specific phobia. My experience is with a general anxiety disorder.

What Is General Anxiety Disorder?

From my experience, I would describe general anxiety disorder as a constant feeling of uneasiness, worry and agitation. This feeling can persist for years, and gradually worsen over time. Some days are worse than others.

It is different from fear in that you can't pin point why it is that you feel this way - you just do! It is no good telling someone with anxiety to "just relax" because it's impossible.

General anxiety is irrational in that there doesn't appear to be any good reason to feel the way you do, and yet you can't let the feeling go. You can't stop the never-ending thoughts in your head, and it's almost impossible to relax. Please click here for my page on definition of anxiety.

What are the Signs of Anxiety?

Anxiety has both physical and psychological symptoms, and these will vary depending on what type of anxiety you are experiencing.

For the symptoms of generalised anxiety disorder, please click on the links below to go to my specific pages for further information.

The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety - click here

The Psychological Signs of Anxiety - click here

What are the Causes of Anxiety?

There are many known factors that can predispose certain individuals to an anxiety disorder. However, what creates anxiety in one person may not create anxiety in another.

Please go to my page on the Causes of Anxiety for further reading.

So how do I recommend dealing with anxiety?

Firstly, general anxiety disorder doesn't always have a rational explanation. If you can't put your finger on anything that may have contributed to your chronic anxiety then it doesn't really matter. I don't believe you need to analyse your situation to be able to heal yourself from anxiety, but it may help.

If you can identify anything in your life, such as a work or family situation that is creating cumulative stress over time, then obviously you need to address this.

If you are aware of past events or circumstances that may have been a contributing factor, then my website gives you many tools and techniques for dealing with these emotional issues.

However, for many who experience general anxiety there seems to be no obvious cause, and that's okay too.

So read on, and discover many ways for dealing with anxiety. You don't necessarily need to use them all, but please be open to them as I have used them all myself for various reasons and so I speak from experience.

The Natural Techniques I Have Used for Dealing with Anxiety

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1. Flower Essences

My favourite way of dealing with any emotional issue is the use of flower essences. No matter what is creating your anxiety, there is a flower remedy that can assist you.

There are flower essences that will work in combination with each other to address the feelings of anxiety itself. But there is also a flower essence that will help you deal with any emotional or situational circumstance that is contributing to your feelings of anxiety.

If you are dealing with emotional issues that need healing, flower essences are a very safe and powerful catalyst. I know, I have been using the flower remedies for many years and I have witnessed some amazing changes within myself and others that I have assisted with the remedies.

Please go to my page on Flower Remedies for Anxiety for further reading about how these wonders of nature can help you.

2. Self Talk

One of the major contributors to anxiety is negative self talk, or mind chatter. It's that constant stream of thought that flows through our heads on a nearly constant basis, usually without us even noticing.

Those who experience anxiety tend to have quite negative and fearful self talk, as I once did. Please visit my page on Negative Self Talk to read about how and why this will create anxiety.

To learn how I completely changed my inner talk, and eliminated my anxiety in the process, click here to go to my page on changing your self talk from negative to positive.

3. Meditation

Meditation is a "must do" for anybody dealing with anxiety. Meditation has so many wonderful benefits that the world would be a completely different place if everyone set aside just a short time every day to meditate.

Meditation has been a major healing force in my life, and I highly recommend you visit my pages about meditation if you want to heal your chronic anxiety.

4. Alternate Nostril Breathing

This is a very easy technique that you can do anywhere, and it is great for dealing with anxiety in both the short and long term. It is also known as pranayama.

Visit my page on alternate nostril breathing to discover all the great benefits, and for simple instructions. You can try it out straight away!

5. Acupressure for Anxiety

Acupressure is a simple technique anyone can do. It uses finger pressure on certain points of the body to relieve various symptoms, including anxiety. Click here to discover how you can use acupressure to help relieve your anxiety.

dealing with anxiety

6. Emotional Healing Exercises

The experiences of life create many different emotions, and that is part of the joy of being alive. But sometimes the unpleasant experiences of life can create withheld and unresolved emotional issues that continue to affect our beliefs, thoughts and behaviour, long after the negative experience itself has passed.

Over time, these can create unhealthy energy patterns within our body that can lead to anxiety as well as other health issues. Therefore I believe that any path to healing chronic anxiety needs to incorporate emotional healing.

Please visit my pages on emotional healing for the easy and practical ways I helped my emotional self to heal.

7. Herbs and Other Supplements

The aim of dealing with anxiety is to heal and release yourself from anxiety for good. But while you are in the process of healing, there are herbs and supplements that can provide some relief and help you feel better along the way.

8. More Self Help for Anxiety

Like to read some more tips on dealing with anxiety, from my own personal experience? Then please go to my page on Self Help for Anxiety.

If you would like some help dealing with anxiety, you can contact me here. I work with flower essence therapy to help others, and so I can prescribe a specific combination of remedies to help your particular situation.

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