The Definition of Anxiety

As someone who once lived with chronic anxiety, I offer you this definition of anxiety based on a combination of my experience, as well as my professional insights as a flower essence practitioner.

Unfortunately, so many people are living in a state of general anxiety and may not even be aware of it. There are so many constant pressures and stresses in our lives that many now come to expect and accept that life is stressful and anxious.

But as I have discovered for myself, life can be very different. You deserve to feel peaceful and joyous - after all, it's our natural state of being.

Definition of Anxiety

I would define chronic anxiety as living in a state of uneasiness and vague distress. You feel slightly agitated and apprehensive on a constant basis. Generally, you can't define what it is you're feeling anxious about, like you can with fear. You feel somewhat detached from the world, and you hardly ever feel relaxed, no matter how hard you try.

You get irritated easily and most likely lack self confidence. Something deep inside you just doesn't feel 'right'.

One of the hardest things about living with anxiety is accepting that you do actually have it. I remember myself how difficult it was to accept that my symptoms were anxiety related, and that there was actually nothing physically wrong with me.

There are many different signs and symptoms of anxiety, and they can vary widely from person to person. Signs can be both physical and psychological, and can cause a great deal of distress.

Have a look at my pages on both the physical symptoms and the psychological symptoms of anxiety to help you determine if you are actually experiencing some form of anxiety.

There has always been a certain amount of stigma around having anxiety and for me I had trouble admitting I was living with chronic anxiety. I felt my anxiety was an indication of how weak I was, however I am older and wiser now and I now know that this is certainly not the case.

Identifying and accepting that you have anxiety is the first part of the healing journey. Once you stop fighting against it, but instead begin to embrace that part of you, you can let go of the fear.

The more you try and push your anxiety away, the worse it becomes. You need to be gentle with yourself, and begin to view dealing with anxiety as a gradual healing process. It's not about trying to stuff it down and pretend it's not there, because if you do it will always find you again.

Self Help for Anxiety

As someone who now lives free from general anxiety disorder, my website offers you my personal experience in healing chronic anxiety for good.

So head to my page on dealing with anxiety and have a look around. There are links to various pages about the techniques and healing modalities I used myself in my quest to be free and feel 'normal' again. I hope you enjoy them!

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