My Beginners Guide to Easy Meditation Techniques

The easy meditation techniques I would like to show you are simple but very effective. You will soon find that the benefits of meditation are enormous, and anyone can get started.

I meditate on a regular basis, and have been for years, and I really look forward to it. It has been a great healing tool in my life. Please click here to read about the many benefits regular meditation has to offer.

Below, this page provides you with links to my pages on different easy meditation techniques. There are several different types of meditation, so why not give each one a try and see which one suits you best. You can even change them around from day-to-day, depending on what suits you at the time.

Before we get in to the different ways to meditate, if you would like more information on exactly what meditation is, what happens when you meditate, and what to expect, please click here to go to my introductory page on meditation.

But in a nutshell, I would describe meditation as the conscious decision to quieten the mind by focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all else.

Before you get started, you might also like to learn about things such as where to meditate, how long to meditate, how often, etc, so please click here.

So, now your all ready, let's get started.

Easy Meditation Techniques

Below you'll find a list of some various types of meditation. I have tried all of them for myself. Why not try each one for a while and see what you feel most comfortable with.

You do not need to be able to get into any fancy lotus position. I myself cannot cross my legs or sit comfortably on the floor, so I sit upright in a comfortable lounge chair.

It's important to stay upright so as to stop yourself from drifting off to sleep, but if for physical reasons you need to recline then do so. Just make sure you're comfortable.

It is actually possible to meditate in any position, even standing up. But for beginners, sitting upright in a chair is probably best.

So click on the links below - and happy meditating!

1. Mindfulness Meditation Made Easy - this is my favourite way to meditate, and is based on gently observing an aspect of the breath, and not reacting to any outside distractions.

2. The Focused Meditation Technique
- this is where we focus on one thing to the exclusion of all else.

3. Walking Meditation - yes you can walk while you meditate, but make sure you follow these instructions. We don't want you playing in traffic now, do we?

4. Breathing Meditation - this involves a gentle focus on the breath, and counting them if you wish.

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So how are you doing? Sometimes when we begin meditating, we can have some unusual, and even difficult, experiences. I certainly found this to be the case when I began meditating.

You can read my story about my meditation experiences here.

But my story is probably on the more extreme side, so don't worry. Just let whatever happens, happen. And appreciate that emotional healing is a big part of meditation. You can read more about that here.

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