The Emotional Freedom Technique - a remarkable healing tool!

The Emotional Freedom Technique has been known to produce some wondrous results. And the best part is it's easy, painless and the results can be instantaneous.

So, just what is the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short? Let's start off with a quote from Gary Craig, the creator of the original EFT:

"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system".

emotional freedom technique

Just before I go any further, I will let you know that I have completed approved EFT training using Gary Craig's original methods. There have since been many other 'take-offs' of his teachings, but I'll get to that later.

So, getting back to Gary's quote, I interpret EFT and how it works in the following way. All of the experiences we have throughout our lives produce many different thoughts, which lead to us feeling a wide variety of different emotions. Some of these emotions make us feel good, and some make us feel bad.

Over time, we begin to develop beliefs which can lead to habitual thoughts, which then lead to us feeling the same types of emotion over and over again. And unfortunately, many people's beliefs and thoughts tend to be on the negative side a lot of the time.

Let me give you an example. When you were young, you're father was often critical toward you and in his eyes you never did anything right. This led to you feeling as though nothing you ever did was good enough, even though you tried really hard to impress him with your efforts at school and sport. Your thoughts that stemmed from his constant criticism led to feelings of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Then you grew into an adult, still having thoughts of not being good at anything, which made you feel bad about yourself.

Since everything in the Universe is purely energy, your thoughts and emotions are also energy. If you keep having the same thoughts and emotions, over time these will become ingrained in the energy system that is your entire being, physical and non-physical.

Hence, there is a disruption to your natural energy flow. These "disruptions in the body's energy system" keep triggering the same negative thoughts and emotions over and over again.

Getting back to my example from above, this could mean that as an adult, every time you attempted something you felt you had to get it perfect, otherwise you weren't good enough. You struggled with having enough confidence to try new things, just in case you failed. Certain events would trigger these same thoughts and emotions because they were inherent in your energy system. Perhaps each time your employer asked you to complete a more difficult task, your lack of confidence meant you were terrified of not getting it right.

Sudden severe events or traumas can also create a 'scar' within your energy field. For example, witnessing a horrific accident or being assaulted. Even if you don't sustain any physical injuries, or your injuries have healed, you may not be aware of the disruption that has been created in your energy system. Despite attempts to forget the whole scenario and move on, the negative emotions continue to linger.

So, how can the Emotional Freedom Technique help? EFT can correct these energy imbalances by tapping on certain parts of the body, namely the endpoints of your energy circuits known as meridians. By tapping on these specific points while briefly focusing on your problem, you can release the energy disruption. The tapping sends pulses through the meridians and rebalances the energy flow within - it's as easy as that!

Please be aware, that EFT does not require you to recall your past traumatic experiences or hurtful memories in great detail. You do not have to re-live any emotionally painful events for this to work, or spend time dwelling on them or trying to analyse them.

All that is required is that you briefly recall your problem (which may create some discomfort, depending on the issue), and then go through the Emotional Freedom Technique sequence while continuing to focus on the problem. Each EFT sequence can be completed in about 3 minutes.

Even though the technique has not been 'scientifically proven' in the conventional sense, we know that it works. I have viewed many hours of video footage of Gary Craig and his associate Adrienne Fowlie, performing the EFT on many different people for all manner of negative emotions, and they have produced some wonderful results.

I also use this technique on a regular basis, for both myself and my children. One amazing result I saw was with my son who was 8 years old at the time, and had developed a great fear of someone breaking into our house while we were asleep. One night at bedtime he was afraid to go to sleep, so I decided to try the Emotional Freedom Technique (why on earth hadn't I thought of it earlier)!

I got him to focus on his fear and continue to repeat out loud a statement to that affect, while I did the tapping for him. After just a few rounds of EFT, he proclaimed he felt so much better, and got into bed and went straight to sleep. He hasn't mentioned it since.

Unfortunately, I cannot teach you the Emotional Freedom Technique via this website. It is something that you need to see demonstrated, and for obvious copyright reason I cannot put copies of Gary's videos on my website.

My objective here has been to make you aware of the existence of EFT and introduce you to the concept. To be able to use it effectively for yourself, you will need to seek further resources. Thankfully, there is a great website called on which you can find plenty of information and resources about EFT tapping.

As stated earlier, there have been many others who have taken the original Emotional Freedom Technique and adapted it, then presented their version to the world. However, remains true to the original Emotional Freedom Technique developed by Gary Craig.

My website aims to provide you with many other easy and painless techniques to assist you in your healing journey. My favourite is flower essences and I work with these constantly. They are totally safe, powerful, easy to use and are wonderful catalysts for energy healing.

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