Try This Easy Emotional Healing Exercise

"Drawing pictures? How can that be an emotional healing exercise?" Well I'm glad you asked. While it may sound like a bit too simplistic and childish, drawing pictures can be a wonderful way of discovering just what's going on inside of you that you may not be consciously aware of.

So why are emotional healing exercises good for us? Please click here if you'd like to read more before you get started.

Before you do any emotional healing work, it's a good idea to set the intention to be willing to release any stored negative emotions. Just say something like "I now set the intention to be willing to accept, acknowledge and let go of my stored negative beliefs and emotions", and it is so.

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Just Start Drawing!!

I first tried this emotional healing exercise many, many years ago when it was suggested by a spiritual counselor I was seeing at the time. At first, I had no idea what I was going to draw. I assumed that because I didn't think I was very good at drawing then I wouldn't be able to do this.

But it has nothing to do with drawing skills. This is about just getting things down on paper, in any shape or form. And believe me, I know, once you start things will just begin to flow and flow and flow - until you have pages and pages of 'drawings'.

emotional healing exercise

So, set aside some quiet time for yourself and relax. Make sure that others know not to disturb you. And unless it's an emergency, it's okay to ignore the phone and the front door. I do it all the time when I want some solitude.

Get yourself plenty of paper and different coloured writing tools, and a quiet comfortable spot. Take some slow, deep breaths and let yourself feel relaxed. Quiet your mind as much as you can - forget about the dishes on the sink; this is time for you!

Choose whatever coloured pencil you feel like using and just start making shapes on the paper. What you draw doesn't have to look like anything in particular, although if what comes out is a masterpiece then that's okay too.

It's important to try not to think too much as you do this. This process is to help you get in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings, not your intellect. And please don't judge yourself for what you draw - there is no such thing as good or bad, right or wrong. It is what it is. Guilt or self-judgement won't do your emotional health any favours either.

I found that when I did this, my pictures started out as random shapes and colours, and then before I knew I was drawing pictures of myself in various different scenes. And they were pretty emotionally charged and I must say they were all very negative - full of fear and sadness.

But then I realised that this stuff was all going on inside of me. I had been aware of it to a certain extent, but just how much hurt and anger I was holding on to really surprised me. My emotional health was in a pretty low place - no wonder I reacted to some things the way I did.

Once you have discovered a few things about yourself from your pictures, you can use some of the other healing tools I talk about on my website to address any unresolved negative emotions or beliefs that may have come to light.

My personal favourite is using flower essences . They are totally safe, powerful, and easy to use and will enhance the effect of this emotional healing exercise.

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Now when I look back on those pictures I drew so many years ago I realise just how far I've come. Now that I have found inner peace and awareness, it's hard to remember just what it was like to be me back then.

So begin it now - the only place to go is forward!

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