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Emotional Healing Exercises

Your emotional health is vital to your physical health. Emotional healing exercises will help you release any negative emotions you may be holding on to, such as grief, sadness and resentment. It's a good idea to acknowledge, accept and then let go of these emotions from your body, before they have the potential to create physical problems.

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My spirit guides suggested this exercise to me at one time in my life when I was holding onto much grief and pain. They said it would manifest into physical disease if I didn't release it. After I did this exercise, I checked back with them and they told me that illness related to these emotions was no longer a threat - I had let it go.

Before you do any emotional healing work, it's a good idea to set the intention to be willing to release any stored negative emotions. Just say something like "I now set the intention to be willing to accept, acknowledge and let go of my stored negative beliefs and emotions", and it is so.

Arms Open to the Universe

emotional healing exercises

Make sure you have time alone to do this exercise and that you will not be interrupted.

Stand outside so that you can see the sky. I chose to do this exercise at night, and I stood in our backyard with the cool lawn beneath my feet. It seemed right to be looking up the indigo night sky filled with beautiful stars.

Allow yourself a moment to feel centred and relaxed. Take a few slow, deep breaths in and out. And don't feel silly - no-one can see you.

Now, stand with your arms outstretched to the sky. Feel connected to the vastness around you. It's an awesome feeling! It is time to release your pain to the Universe. Hold the intention, or say out loud if you like "I now release my grief and sadness to the Universe", or whatever negative emotion comes up for you.

Picture that which grieves and saddens you, and see it being released to the sky. Picture it in whatever form you see - you may see a shape, colour, or even certain people or events. Know that it is now released from your body. See it being lifted up into the Universe and surrounded by beautiful sparkling white light. Imagine it drifting away.

Know that you are now free.

If you feel any tears welling up, let them flow freely. Tears are a wonderful way to cleanse the Soul.

You can repeat this exercise as often as you like, for anything at all.

I always like to use flower essences to help with any type of emotional release work. They are totally safe, powerful, and easy to use and will enhance the effect of any emotional healing exercises you do.

I work with the flower essences to help myself and others, so if you would like a personal flower essence consultation you can contact me here.

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