Try These Easy Emotional Healing Exercises.

Weighed down by years of built-up emotional baggage? Emotional healing exercises could be just what you need.

We are by nature emotional beings. Every thought we have creates an emotion, and we are constantly thinking. Some of these thoughts lead to positive emotions such as happiness, excitement or enthusiasm.

But unfortunately, most our thoughts tend to be on the negative side, even if we don't like to admit it. Pay close attention to your thoughts for a day and you'll be surprised how much rubbish goes through your head - scary isn't it?

Our negative thoughts can lead to emotions such as fear, anger, envy, resentment and anxiousness, to name but a few.

emotional healing exercises
The experience of life inevitably leads to an accumulation of emotional memories and unresolved issues.

These can sometimes lead to negative emotional patterns that continue to affect our lives both consciously but more often unconsciously.

Every emotion we feel has an effect on our energy field, and so ongoing negative thoughts and emotions can leave their imprint within our subtle energy system . These 'glitches' in our energy body can begin to affect our health and happiness, so it's a good idea to let go of all of that grief, anger, resentment and pain you've been hanging on to.

Emotions are energy too, and they should be allowed to be expressed in a healthy way so that they can move out of the body. But when they are repressed or denied, certain situations can trigger these emotions over and over again. And if we continue to hold onto them, we can begin to manifest physical illness.

Why Do Emotional Healing Exercises?

No matter who you are, everyone has "emotional baggage". We all have a history of events and situations that occur throughout our lives, and how we feel about our past is our baggage.

You don't need to have been abused or experienced a traumatic event to be carrying emotional baggage - it's just a part of life. And everyone's emotional response to their past is different.

The types of situations you have experienced and your reactions to them can continue to affect you current relationships and your personal growth in the here and now.

So what are some of the ways you can start to unload your emotional baggage? Well, I've spent a lot of time exploring my own emotional issues and doing some emotional unpacking over the years, and now I'd like to share with you some of the emotional healing exercises that I used as part of my own personal growth process.

An Important Point About Emotional Healing

When it comes to anything in life, the more you deny or reject it, or try to push it away, the more it returns to you. The same goes for the negative emotions that we try and 'stuff down' because we don't like them. They just get worse.

So it's important to acknowledge and accept those parts of us that we want to heal. Be willing to allow them to come into view, and then let them go.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions, love them as a part of you, and then let them dissolve.

My Favourite Emotional Healing Exercises

Below I've provided links to descriptions of some of the emotional release techniques I've learned over the years. I've used all of them myself, and so I can recommend them to you.

Remember, just because something seems easy, doesn't mean it won't have an effect. Honestly, emotional healing does not have to be a struggle.

Flower Essences are a wonderful way to enhance any emotional healing work - I use them all the time!

But please - if you feel you have some serious emotional problems, please seek professional help.

Before doing any of these exercises, it's a good idea to set the intention to be willing to let go of all negativity. And make sure that you allow yourself enough uninterrupted time so that you don't feel rushed.

1. Write a Letter, Read It Aloud, Then Burn it

2. Staircase to Your Inner Sanctuary

3. Arms Open to the Universe

4. Beat a Pillow With a Tennis Racket

5. Just Start Drawing

6. A Pink Bubble of Light

7. How To Forgive

8. Emotional Freedom Technique

9. Meditate to dissolve withheld emotions

I hope you've enjoyed trying these emotional healing exercises.

Remember that you may not notice any immediate change in yourself after doing any emotional release work, but as the days progress you may notice you feel lighter and more at ease.

You can repeat any of these exercises as often as you like.

Flower Essences for Emotional Healing

My own emotional healing journey has led me to study the amazing healing properties of the flower essences, and I now practice Flower Essence Therapy. I have been healing myself, my family and others with these totally safe and powerful healing remedies for many years, and now my services are available online.

Please click here to go to my Flower Essence Services, or read more about flower essence healing here.

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If you would like to share your emotional healing experience, you can either drop me a line by contacting me here, or you can even add your own web page to my site and share your emotional healing journey to help others. Or perhaps you know of some other emotional healing exercises you'd like to share.

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