Try This Easy Emotional Healing Technique

The emotional healing technique below was described to me by an entity in spirit named Benjamin, whom I speak with regularly through a friend who is an unconscious channel. I used it to release the many tears and great pain that was within me at that time.

So why are emotional healing exercises good for us? Please click here if you'd like to read more before you get started.

Before you do any emotional healing work, it's a good idea to set the intention to be willing to release any stored negative emotions. Just say something like "I now set the intention to be willing to accept, acknowledge and let go of my stored negative beliefs and emotions", and it is so.

Staircase to Your Inner Sanctuary

This exercise will take you deep within your inner self, to a place known as your inner sanctuary.

Before you start, try and be relaxed and allow yourself the time and personal space to make sure you won't be interrupted. This is time for you!

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths into your abdomen and let go of your cares and worries of the day.

Now imagine that you are at the top of a mini staircase that begins behind your eyes. This staircase spirals downwards to the centre of your being.

Visualise a small image of yourself, like a doll, atop the staircase and allow yourself to wander down the staircase to the core of your being.

This is a place of great serenity.

Allow the image the freedom to wander and travel wherever it chooses. What do you notice as you watch you image roam within? What do you feel? Do you see any pictures or images? Do you notice any sensations in your body? Allow yourself to feel any emotions - do not deny them, judge them or try to hold them back. Let anything flow.

There is nothing specific here that you are meant to see or hear - just let whatever happens be okay. Your inner sanctuary is unique to you, and the experience of being there will be different for everybody.

Be the little doll within your sanctuary for as long as you like. You may just like to linger there for a while and feel closer to your inner self.

When I did this exercise, I noticed deep feelings of sadness and grief and the tears began to flow. I didn't fully understand what they were about, but that doesn't matter. We need to let go of the need to intellectualise everything. Just accept whatever happens and let it be.

I sat and cried for a very long time - at least half an hour. But I just let myself do it, as I knew the tears were cleansing my soul.

When you feel done, gently bring your attention back up to the space behind your eyes. Then begin to notice your surroundings again - the chair beneath you, the outside noises, and wriggle your fingers and toes.

Even if you didn't notice anything in particular, that is okay too. Do not judge the experience by your perceived lack of results. Whatever happens will be beneficial.

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