An Emotional Healing Technique that Feels Divine

This emotional healing technique is beautiful and relaxing but still very beneficial. It feels so good you'll want to do it over and over again.

Before you do any emotional healing work, it's a good idea to set the intention to be willing to release any stored negative emotions. Just say something like "I now set the intention to be willing to accept, acknowledge and let go of my stored negative beliefs and emotions", and it is so.

A Pink Bubble of Light

Find yourself a quiet, comfortable spot where you can be assured of not being disturbed. Take the phone off the hook and don't answer the door - the outside world can wait.

Sit upright with your feet flat on the floor and your hands comfortably in your lap. Adjust any clothing that is annoying you.

Close your eyes and relax. Check your body for any muscles that you are holding tight, especially around the face, neck and shoulders. Squeeze them tighter and then allow them to relax completely.

Imagine yourself totally surrounded by the most beautiful sparkling white light that comes down from the Universe. Don't worry if you think you can't visualise well - it's the intention that counts. You don't need to try too hard - the Universe is supporting you and the white light is there.

emotional healing technique

Now imagine this tube of white light to be filled with the most beautiful, sparkling little silver stars. The light and the stars surround your entire body, swirling gently arround you.

Imagine breathing this divine white light in through your heart chakra, which is located at the centre of your chest. Just imagine the energy of your breath going in and out through this part of your body.

Just keep breathing white light in and out this way, allowing yourself to feel as relaxed as possible. Breathing in the white light will help you.

Now, take some very deep breaths, right down to your toes, until you feel a slight pressure at the top of your head. See your entire being filling with the sparkling white light. Do this three times. Now relax your breathing again.

It is time to begin releasing your worries, fears and concerns. As you continue to breathe in this way, in and out through your heart centre, begin to breathe out your negative emotions with each out breath. See your worries and fears go out through the centre of your chest into a pink bubble of light that floats up and into the Universe.

Continue to breathe in and out. Each time you breathe in, breathe in the beautiful white light. Then breathe out all of the things that you want to release into a pink bubble of light, and watch as they float away from you. Notice how light and relaxed you are beginning to feel.

By surrounding your negative emotions and beliefs in the pink bubble before they drift away, you are transforming them into positive, loving energy as they are being released to the Universe.

When you feel as though this process is complete for you, it is time to bring yourself back fully into the physical world. Begin to breath normally again. Wriggle you fingers and toes, feel the seat beneath you and the floor under your feet. Take a few deep breaths and roll your neck around. Then, when you're ready you may open your eyes.

How do you feel? Nice isn't it? You can use this little emotional healing technique as often as you like. At the end of the day it's a nice way to wind down and release the day.

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