Christine's Flower Essence Services 
for Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Would you like to try the wonderful flower essences? My flower essence services offer you a safe, easy and powerful system of healing that has been used by many ancient cultures for thousands of years.

Flower essences can help us to deal with the many challenges life can bring. They have the potential to restore emotional health and well-being, resolve negative beliefs, and encourage us to reach our full potential. To find out more about flower essences, please click here.

I am a Certified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner  therefore I am qualified to help you.

My website offers you the following two options - please click on the relevant link for your choice:

Flower Essence Services

Option 1. To purchase a custom-made flower essence remedy for yourself or someone you love, please click here. The fee for this service is AUD $25.00 plus postage.

Option 2.  For advice on what flower essences to choose so you can purchase them elsewhere, please click here. The fee for this service is AUD $11.00.

flower essence services

Flower essences are totally safe, easy to take, and non-habit forming, so you can feel confident in choosing flower essences for yourself or someone you love. And check out the benefits of flower essences - these are the reasons why they are my favourite healing modality.

The flower essences have the potential to create miraculous changes in people's emotional state and behaviour. I have experienced these changes first-hand in both myself and my children, and have witnessed some wonderful healing in others.

They can be used for virtually any emotional state you can think of, including stress, anxiety, anger, jealousy, depression, fear and lack of enthusiasm. They can also help with learning difficulties, memory loss and fatigue. They offer us such a wonderful opportunity to heal and to grow.

Discover More About the Flower Essences

There are so many things about the flower essences that I would like to share with you:

1. What exactly are they and how are they made?

2. How do they actually work?

3. What are the many benefits of healing with the flower essences?

4. How do you take them?

Your bottle of flower essence will contain a powerful combination of energy that has the potential to create miraculous changes. And they are safe, inexpensive and very easy to use.

Thank you for choosing my flower essence services!

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