Flower Remedies for Anxiety - Soothe Your Distress

If you are tired of living in a state of fear and worry, then flower remedies for anxiety are a very safe and gentle, yet powerful way to relieve your anxiety and create lasting emotional changes.

flower remedies for anxiety

Flower remedies, or flower essences as they are also known, are a form of energy healing. They are a totally safe and natural way to address any emotional issue, including anxiety.

The remedies do not contain any physical part of the plant, only the healing energies of the flowers from which they are made.

Therefore, there can be no adverse reactions of any kind and they are totally safe to be used by everybody. This includes children, babies, pregnant women, the elderly and the very ill. And they do not interfere with any other treatment or medication.

Why Choose Flower Remedies for Anxiety?

I once lived with chronic generalised anxiety for many years, until I decided enough was enough. I was determined to heal myself and deal with my anxiety in a natural way.

Then I discovered the flower remedies and their amazing healing qualities. After years of trying different modalities (some of which helped, some did not), I found flower remedies for anxiety to be the greatest catalyst in relieving, and then permanently healing, the anxiety that had been eating away at me for years.

Flower essences are an easy, safe and powerful way to release the emotional pain and trauma behind the anxiety and allow your true self to emerge.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of using flower essences:

  • they are a simple and easy healing system that absolutely anyone can use
  • they don't just cover up the symptoms, they balance and heal you as a whole being and can create lasting change
  • flower remedies are totally safe and there are no side effects or adverse reactions
  • they can be taken alongside medication or any other healing modality without interfering, and likewise their effect is not inhibited by other treatment
  • they gently release our emotional layers and help to bring us back to our true self

How do the Flower Remedies Work?

Our life experiences have a great impact upon our personal beliefs and emotional patterns. These can become ingrained in our body's energy network and continue to affect the way we feel, behave and react.

Flower remedies for anxiety work as catalysts to re-balance your body's energy network. This promotes healing on all levels of your being - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

If there are unresolved emotional issues that have contributed to your anxiety condition, then the flower essences are a powerful self-healing tool for helping you to deal with these.

The flower essences don't just cover up the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety. They help you to heal yourself from the inside out.

If you would like more detail about the action of the remedies, please visit my page How Flower Essences Work.

What Can the Flower Remedies Do for My Anxiety?

By choosing an appropriate blend of flower essences, your personalised  flower remedy for anxiety can help to:

  • reduce the worrying thoughts that go around and around in your head
  • relieve the niggling sense of fear, even if you don't know what you're afraid of
  • allow you to feel more calm and not so 'on edge'
  • reduce stress
  • release the emotional layers and any past traumas that may be contributing to your anxiety
  • reduce specific fears such as public speaking, shyness or failure
  • relieve feelings of being overwhelmed and over-committed
  • improve your sleep
  • release guilt and resentment

The flower essences can help you to: 

  • feel more balanced and calm
  • cope more easily with demands
  • quieten your busy mind
  • let go of the past and move forward
  • connect with your peaceful inner self more often
  • feel more confident and loving toward yourself

Please be aware that everyone's response time to flower essences is different. Sometimes just one two week course of a remedy can create lasting changes. For others, the course may need to be repeated every so often, but over time your symptoms will begin to fade. On occasion,
changes can be felt overnight.

Personalised Flower Remedies for Anxiety

I am a Certified Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner and I create personalised combinations of flower remedies to suit individual needs.

I offer flower essence consultations via this website and if you would like a flower remedy for your anxiety, please complete the form below. Everyone is different, that is why I need some detail about you and your situation to enable me to mix the best flower remedy I can for you.

After you have submitted your details, a Thank You page will appear containing the 'Pay Now' button. The cost of your personally prescribed flower essence is AUD $25 plus postage to your country.

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