How Do You Follow Your Dream?

Do you have a dream in your heart? How do your follow your dream - that special something that feels like it has been a part of you for so long? How can you make it a reality in your life?

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney

Spirit guided me to write a page for my website about how to fulfill your dreams, so here goes! When I got this message, I thought "What do I know about that?", but when I sat down to write I realised that it was something I could actually write about. And so I hope this article helps you to follow your dream.

So, what is a dream? I would describe it something like this: A dream is a longing deep within your being that feeds your existence in this lifetime. If you were to let go of your dream, you would feel empty inside. A dream is a deep desire for that certain something in your life that makes your heart sing.

I believe everyone has a dream, even if you can't quite put it into words. You may not even recognise your dream and so you think that you don't have one. But I'm sure there's one lurking in there somewhere.

So here are my top suggestions about how to follow your dream.

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How to Follow Your Dreams

Firstly, is your desire really a heartfelt dream, or is it just an ego thing? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • If your dream of becoming a famous singer is about the joy you feel when you sing, and giving joy to others who hear your voice and your words, then this sounds like a dream in your heart. But if you want to be famous singer because you think it will help you "pull the chicks", then I would suggest it's not a heartfelt dream.
  • How do you feel in your stomach when you think about your dream? Do you feel a joyous connection to the Universe? Does your stomach feel soft and warm? Does it just feel "right"?
  • If the focus of your dream is about how its fulfillment will impress others, then this is your ego talking. A heartfelt dream is about your own personal joy and fulfillment. The fulfillment of your dream is also likely to bring joy to others, but if its only about what others think of you, then you are not in touch with your true feelings.
  • Thinking about the fulfillment of your dream could also make you feel fearful. But this could be your ego cutting in, telling you things like "You'll never do it - you're not clever enough" or "People will think your weird - so forget it" or "It's just not possible".

    Your true inner self will never saying anything mean to you. So if you initially feel wonderful when you think about your dream, and then you feel fearful or negative, then you know your ego has just cut in - ignore it!
  • Deep down, you will just know.

So, you have recognised your heartfelt desire. How can you make it a reality?

  • To follow your dream you need to acknowledge its existence. It doesn't matter how foolish you think it may be, or what you think others may say if you they knew your dream. Your dream can't flourish if you try to deny or suppress it because you think it is unachievable, or even silly.
  • Tend to your dream lovingly, like you would a small child. Treat it like a little piece of you - your child to love and to nurture. Give it your loving attention; be gentle with it; don't criticise it in any way; and be thankful for its presence in your life. Give it a "hug" and let it know you appreciate it.
  • Do just a little bit each day toward the fulfillment of your dream. No matter how big or small your actions, keep it alive every day. You might just spend time visualising yourself fulfilling your dream, or you may spend the whole day taking inspired action. Both are just as powerful as each other.
  • No two dreams are the same. My dreams and desires are probably completely different to yours. Your dreams are unique to you, so don't compare them or yourself to others.
  • No dreams are trivial, no matter how small they may seem. If it's your dream to own your own bookstore, this is just as important to you as someone else's dream of opening a youth shelter is to them.
  • Personally, I like to keep my dreams to myself. I believe the energy of your dream remains more powerful if you don't
    banter about it to everyone. Also, this way you're not allowing yourself to be swayed by the comments or criticisms of others. Even if you think you're immune to others' comments, it's hard not to be affected. I like to just nurture my dreams myself in my own little world, then they will reveal themselves to others when the time is right.
  • Focus on the end result of achieving your dream. We tend to think that to follow your dream we need to work hard at it every day. After all, that's what we've been taught, right - that achieving something takes a lot of hard work and effort?

    Well, I don't agree. Yes, we do need to take action if we are to follow our dreams. But we need to take inspired action that comes from flowing with the Universe and allowing yourself to be guided by your Higher Self. If you seem to be slogging your guts out and never getting anywhere, it's time to let go and let the Universe inspire your action.

    Flow with the current of the river of life, not against it. Focus on the end result and let the Universe help you with the details.
  • Going with the flow doesn't mean you just sit back and relax and wait for everything to fall in your lap. My dream for many years has been to have my own website about inner peace, to help people and to fulfill a creative need to write. But it wasn't just going to happen for me - I have had to learn a lot and I spend a lot of time working on this project, but it is a labour of love.
  • Don't feel desperate! Follow your dream with love, not fear.
Derwent River,Tasmania
  • Learn to observe your thoughts. We all have a lot of constant mind chatter going on in our heads, and most of it tends to be negative. Learn how to observe and alter the thoughts that may be sabotaging the fulfillment of your dream. To learn more about this, visit my page on Self Talk, and then you can follow further links from there.
  • Practising regular meditation is a great way to connect with your inner self and the oneness of the Universe. Making this connection on a regular basis will enhance your intuition and allow your life to flow more easily - great for helping you to follow your dream! Visit my easy-to-follow pages on meditation to get started.
  • Realise that along the path of fulfilling your dream, your dream may just change slightly along the way. Don't desperately hang on to the original plan if something feels like it needs to change direction slightly. Being flexible is important, because when your following an inspired path, new things come into play all the time!
  • Once a dream seems to have reached fulfillment, there's always something new to either add to it or a new dream begins to make itself known to you. That is the purpose of living, and it's a never-ending cycle. Life would feel empty if we thought we had no more dreams to fulfill.
  • Flower essences are a wonderful and powerful way to assist you to follow your dream. They can do this by helping you recognise your life purpose, giving you self confidence and enthusiasm, increasing your level of commitment and enhancing your natural intuition.

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