Easy House Cleansing and Space Clearing Tips

Feeling low on energy and low on mood? A regular house cleansing is a great way to keep the energy of your home peaceful and vibrant.

Did you know that your own energy levels and even your emotional state can be affected by the energy of your surroundings? It's true, so why not treat your home, and your workspace, to some energy cleansing!

It's important to keep the vibrational level of our close environment as clean and as positive as possible. And its very easy to do!

Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves, physically and energetically, and our vibration is fluctuating up and down all the time. Whenever we come into contact with something or someone whose energy has a lower vibration than ours, it can temporarily drag our energy level down too.

It's obvious when you enter a room where the people there have just had a major argument. The arguing may be over, but you can still sense it in the air. This is what it feels like when you could "cut the air with a knife". Our energy systems detect it.

But if we are constantly surrounded by negative, low vibration energy, it can begin to sap our vitality on an ongoing basis and our energy system has a harder time trying to correct itself. Therefore, a regular house cleansing, or space clearing as some like to call it, is vital.

So where can you start? The environment you have the most control over is your own home. Hopefully, this is where you spend a lot of your time (and not at work). So it makes sense that your home should be clear of as much negative energy as possible, and feel harmonious and calm to all those who enter it.

I have put together a list of house cleansing tips to help you raise the vibration of your home. The higher the vibration, the lighter and more positive your home will feel. You can also use the techniques for the other places where you spend quite a bit of time such as your work place.

Try them out and see if you and others can notice the difference in the 'vibe' of your surroundings. Remember, hold the intention and belief that your space will be cleared of all negativity.

1. Use Space Clearing Essence on a regular basis.

This is my favourite way of clearing negative energy from my surroundings. Space Clearing Essence was created by Ian White and is a combination of five different Australian Bush Flower Essences . It's very easy to use. It comes in a spray bottle and you just spray it around your home or whatever environment you're cleansing. It clears the environment of negative energies, whether they be emotional, mental or psychic energies.

If you've had a heated argument with someone, or if things at home have been a bit tense, this essence is a great way to restore harmony to your surroundings. Such negative energies tend to hang in the air and can continue to affect all who enter.

I always carry this essence with me when we travel, and give our motel room a good spray on arriving. Such places have been filled with hundreds of different people and scenarios, and this combination of flower essences will make your room feel much more pleasant and peaceful.

Space Clearing Essence also has the effect of removing earth-bound souls or darker entities from your space.

I use this remedy at home on a regular basis, just to keep the energy nice and vibrant. It's house cleansing made easy!

2. Fill your home with natural light.

The uplifting and house cleansing effects of natural sunlight are well known. (Just think Seasonal Affective Disorder, a depressive disorder linked to lack of sunlight).

Sunlight is a type of electromagnetic energy and is made up of various rays that vibrate at slightly different frequencies. The rays in the visible range are the colours we can see in a rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. These coloured rays combine to make white light.

Sunlight has a cleansing and revitalising effect. You know yourself the difference between how you feel sitting in a gloomy, poorly lit room and one that is filled with sunlight.

And artificial lighting is not a replacement. It doesn't emit the same rays and doesn't have the same composition of colours. It's vibration has no energy healing qualities at all, in fact it can be quite the opposite.

The full spectrum of sunlight is the most beneficial. It will raise the vibration of the rooms it fills.

3. Play peaceful and uplifting music.

Sounds have been used as an energy healing tool for thousands of years, and can also be used for house cleansing.

Sound waves have their own vibrational frequency and as such our own human energy system will be altered by the sound waves that fill our environment. This is known as resonance.

The most peaceful sounds for me are those created by nature, such as the sound of rain on the roof, the crashing of waves on the shore, the singing of birds and the rumble of thunder. I have several CDs of nature sounds that, when I play them, create an instant atmosphere of serenity and harmony throughout the house.

So many people's homes are filled with the blaring of a television turned up too loud, or the constant background noise of a radio. I find these quite irritating. I am at my most content when I can hear nothing but the sounds of nature coming from outside.

You can also buy CDs of sounds that cleanse the environment in which they are played. For example, I have a tape of Tibetan gyuto monks chanting, and after I have played it the house feels wonderful, and so do I. There are many beautiful musicians and singers who produce uplifting and spiritual music that will fill your environment with harmonious and healing vibrations.

What an easy and enjoyable way to practice house cleansing.

4. Call upon Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael's main role at this time is to clear the earth and it's people of fear. But he is also wonderful to call upon for many other things, including space clearing the inside of your home.

You don't have to go through any rituals to invoke Archangel Michael. Just call for him and he will come. No job is too big or too small, and you are worthy of his help.

When I ask him to come to my side I just say his name, out loud or inside my head. So when I ask him to give my home some house cleansing, I say something like this: "Dearest Archangel Michael, I now ask that you come into my home and cleanse it of all negative and dark energy. Please remove any earthbound souls or negative entities that have been attracted here and send them to the Light. Thankyou".

Archangel Michael comes to all who call him, so trust that he is there. And ask him for help as often as you like.

5. Visualise your home filled with Light.

Anyone can fill their home with Divine white light, or the light of God. This beautiful, sparkling white light is available to all at anytime and all you have to do is visualise it.

When I want to call in the Light, which to me is the pure divine loving energy of God, I just see it in my mind coming down from the Universe like a funnel that covers and surrounds my house. Then I visualise it pouring into and filling every nook and cranny inside my home, and transforming all darkness into light. I see my home sparkle with this Light, in my mind's eye.

I might also say something like "Dear Mother/Father God, I now fill my home with your Divine white love and light. All that is not of love is transformed into love. In the name of the Christ, Amen". However, you can say whatever feels right for you as you imagine the beautiful sparkling white light penetrating everything within your home. It will provide energy healing for all it touches.

6. Keep your home clean and tidy.

How can you feel peaceful and serene if you are surrounded by mess and dirt? Energy tends to build up in areas that are cluttered and messy as it can't flow, and the area begins to feel stagnant.

I know its not always practical or possible to have a perfectly clean home. I have two young boys - my entire house is never clean and tidy all at the one time. But it is important to do the best you can and be clean and tidy without being fanatical about it (or you'll create stress for yourself).

Do a good spring cleanout every so often. Go through your cupboards and get rid of all those things you know you just don't need or want anymore. A messy cluttered house = a messy cluttered mind. House cleansing works on many levels.

The same things applies to your work space. If you have a desk and office area, how can you feel vibrant and organised if it's a mess?

As soon as you walk in and see it, your energy just goes "errgh".

7. Cleanse your space with a white sage stick.

This is a powerful cleansing and purifying technique that comes from the Native American peoples. The herb white sage has the ability to clear all negative energy, providing a cleansed space that can be filled with love, joy and happiness.

You can buy ready-made sage sticks from many different sources. Simply use a flame to light the stick, and when it begins to burn well, blow out the flame to leave it smouldering and smoking.

Walk around the space to be cleared, waving the smudge stick around ensuring that it gets into the corners and behind doors, etc. Waft the smoke around with your hand.

When finished, I like to give thanks for the house cleansing, and then I put out the stick by pushing it into sand. You can re-use the sticks until they are burned away.

8. Surround yourself with beautiful things you love.

Whether it be photos of your beloved family in your favourite photo frames, fresh flowers and plants, or prints and ornaments that you love, your home should be pleasing to your eye, so that when you walk in at the end of the day your mood gets an instant lift.

Don't feel you have to spend a lot of money, have all the latest gadgets or follow trends. Your home should please you and others who live their, not necessarily everyone else.

And good feng shui dictates that it's probably not a good idea to have a painting of the Titanic on your wall, for example, or the evil looking statues I see in some shops. These certainly don't give off a good vibe. Choose things that are more uplifting and positive.

9. Allow fresh air to flow through your home.

If you walk into a home that never has the windows or doors left open, you can tell - yuk! It's not just the stale smell, but it also 'feels' gloomy and stagnant.

Fresh air is refreshing and cleansing, and it gets the energy moving. If the air in your home is stagnant, then that will affect your energy also and you'll pick-up on that stagnant feeling. I always have my windows and doors open as much as possible, and its refreshing to feel the breeze blowing through the house.

Unfortunately, depending on where you live, the outside air can be quite polluted. But studies show that indoor air is even worse. So choose your times if you have to, but let as much fresh air blow through your home as possible. It's like a good spring clean.

10. Have plenty of nature around you.

The energy healing qualities of the plants, flowers and trees is almost magical!

Here in Australia, we have the wonderful advantage of having large back yards if we choose. I have quite a large garden and it is filled with beautiful Australian native trees and plants that attract all sorts of birds and lizards, even though we are in a small city.

I get a great deal of pleasure from enjoying our beautiful garden. Being in nature is very healing for the soul, as we all resonate with nature but so many of us have forgotten that.

Your home will also be uplifted by the energy of the plants and flowers, so make the most of the space you have, indoor and out, to be connected with nature. Have lots of plants around you, even if you have to use pots. Your home will love you for it.

I hope you have fun trying out my easy house cleansing and space clearing tips!

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