How Flower Essences Work

So you're wondering how flower essences work? Well, in my opinion they are one of the most beautiful and gentle methods of healing, and they work at such a high energetic level that makes them quite unique.

Before I can explain how flower essences work, firstly I need to give you a brief explanation of what they actually are.

Flower essences are vibrational remedies. They capture the life force of the flower within water. They are essentially "flower energy in a bottle". They do not contain any physical part of the flower.

If you were to do a chemical analysis on a flower essence, all you would find is water and the brandy used to preserve it.

However, that little bottle of essence contains the vibration of the flower from which it was made, and is a potent source of healing energy.

For more details on what a flower essence is and how it is made, please go to my page on What are Flower Essences.

How Flower Essences Work

how flower essences work

Because flower essences don't contain any physical part of the flower, they don't work by chemical intervention. Some other natural therapies such as herbal medicine, aromatherapy and nutritional medicine help us to heal by altering the chemical processes that take part within the cells of the body.

However, flower essences work by what is known as "resonance". What this means is that the energy vibration of the flower essence has an effect on our own personal energy field when the two fields of energy come into contact.

It can likened to hearing a piece of music that we find moving. The sound waves have a particular vibration, and as they move through the air and come into contact with our own energy field, they affect its vibration. This creates a ripple effect through our subtle body and in turn evokes a response in our physical body. We have all noticed changes in our emotions and even chills down our spines from certain pieces of music.

The exquisite vibrations of the flower essences stimulate changes in our own vibrations by resonating with and balancing our own unique energy pattern.

We all have negative beliefs, behaviours, thoughts, emotions and personality traits. Because the force behind everything in the Universe is pure vibration, all of our thoughts, actions and words emit their own frequency, and they in turn will create changes in our energy body.

You can notice an instant change in the way you feel when you think about something traumatic happening to you compared to when you think loving and happy thoughts. When we have long-term negative thoughts and beliefs, or experience chronic stress or acute traumas, for example, these create dis-harmony in our energy field.

The healing capacity of the flower essences comes from their ability to harmonise our energetic vibration and gently restore balance throughout our entire being. This is how flower essences work - amazing!

The flower remedies are generally very gentle in action, often working almost unnoticed until the person suddenly realises that a condition or attitude has changed for the better. They are self-adjusting which means that they adjust their effect to suit your own ability to cope.

When healing with the flower essences, there is no need to re-experience past traumas or emotional pain - they are gently released usually without you even noticing. Even if you do experience something unpleasant, it will be minor. In all my years of using flower essences, the only unpleasant thing I have experienced was a vivid dream that created great feelings of grief during the dream, which then flowed into the day whenever I thought of the dream.

So I hope I have answered your question about how flower essences work. If you would like your very own flower essence consultation, I am available online. Just click here.

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