How To Stop Worrying

Would you like some advice on how to stop worrying from someone who use to be an expert at it? Then read on.......

Many years ago, I read a great quote on my desk calendar that went like this:
            "Worry is usually a lot of trouble that never happens".

That quote really made me sit up and think about my own behaviour. So I tore it off and have kept it all these years.

And how true that quote is! How often do we waste time and energy worrying about something that usually ends up turning out fine, or not nearly as bad as we had imagined?

Incessant worrying seems to be a fairly common human trait, so don't think you're alone in the world. We tend to have wild imaginations that err on the negative side. And many of us have worrying thoughts going around in our heads without even being aware of them, because our mental chatter is often so non-stop that we only notice a small portion of it.

how to stop worrying

Worrying thoughts tend to start with the words "What if......", for example "What if the car breaks down?" or "What if I make a fool of myself?"

And constant and habitual worry can put us in a state of generalised anxiety, and you may even begin to experience some of the physical symptoms of anxiety.

Obviously it's normal to worry about things from time to time - that's life. A certain amount of worry can even be beneficial. For example, if you're worried about an upcoming exam and you want to do well, that will inspire you to study sufficiently enough to obtain the result you're after.

But when worrying seems to be your normal state of mind, it's time for change.

Being a worry wart can be a drag, so how do you stop worrying?

Well, let's look at why we worry in the first place. We worry about things because we are afraid of a certain outcome, so I would say that fear is the basis of all worry. For example, if you're worried about the difficult phone call you have to make at work tomorrow, you're possibly fearful of the other person getting angry at you, or thinking you're a fool. Or if you're worried about the pain in your abdomen, you could be afraid of having an illness and what that could mean for your body and your lifestyle.

But when you're a constant worrier, like I was, you tend to worry about seemingly anything and everything. It's not a very fun place to be.

So below I give you some ideas about how to stop worrying that I have used to help myself.

How To Stop Worrying

1. Become Aware Of Your Self Talk, And Begin To Change It.

The first important step is to realise just how many negative and worrying thoughts are going through your mind. You need to become more aware of the content of your thoughts.

This inner mental chatter, which can mostly go unnoticed, is known as self talk. I have created a whole section on my website about self talk because it affects our lives in so many ways.

Please click here to go to my main page about self talk. From there you will finds links to Negative Self Talk, Changing Your Inner Talk and Positive Thinking Phrases.

It is vital that you practice changing your self talk from negative to positive of you want to stop worrying. Worrying thoughts are just a habit that you can break, but it takes practice and persistence. My Self Talk pages will show you how I was able to turn around my thinking processes, stop worrying, and create a happier and more peaceful existence.

2. Practice Regular Meditation

I can't emphasise the virtues of meditation enough. I have been meditating regularly for many years and it has been a marvellous tool for helping me dissolve worry and anxiety.

There are several reasons why meditation can help you to stop worrying:
- it slows down our thought processes, and this means it helps you break the 'worrying thought spiral'.
- it helps us to become more aware of the types of thoughts we are having.
- it can dissolve negative emotions from our energy bodies and help us let go of them.
- over time, you become more connected to who you truly are - that peaceful inner being hiding behind the worry.

So please click here to go to my main page about meditation, and you can follow the many links from there to my other meditation pages.

3. Use Flower Essences

Flower essences are a type of energy healing. I love using the flower essences, and have formal qualifications in flower essence therapy.

They are safe, easy to take, and are primarily used to help us resolve negative emotional states and behaviours. Please click here to learn more about what the flower essences are and how they can help us to heal ourselves.

More specifically on how to stop worrying, there are flower essences that are wonderful for helping us to:
- slow down repetitive negative thoughts
- reduce worry in general
- address our fears, both specific and general
- deal with anxiety and stress
and all the other issues you could think of that relate to the chronic worrier.

I have taken flower essences myself to help heal chronic worry and anxiety, and I have also seen wonderful results in many others. I am available for flower essence consultations via email and you can buy flower essences through my website.

Please click here to go to my Flower Essence Services.

Lotus Need help to stop worrying?
Try the amazing Flower Essences!
Click here to go to my flower essence services

4. Try Taking Tissue Salts

Tissue salts are very low dose homeopathic remedies of the 12 essential minerals that are naturally present within our bodies, and so are very safe to use. An imbalance in any of the minerals can create ill-health.

The tissue salt known as Kali Phos (or potassium phosphate in full) is excellent for worry. It helps those worrying thoughts drift away and can invoke a feeling of general calm when taken on a regular basis.

Tissue salts are cheap, easy to take, and very safe. You can purchase them from pharmacies, health food stores or online. So why not give Kali Phos a try.

5. Focus On The Present Moment

How to stop worrying can be as easy as keeping your attention on the NOW moment. Worry, stress and anxiety all come from thinking into the future and imagining something bad or unpleasant. Stop projecting into the future in a negative way and bring your mind back to this moment here and now.

Every time you catch yourself thinking about what you don't want, practice focusing your mind totally on where you are and what you are doing right now in this moment, because when you can do that, you will find peace.

6. Practice Appreciation

As you go through your day, make it your task to appreciate more things in your life. Whenever you eat something, appreciate that you have delicious, healthy food freely available when you need it. When you hear a bird sing, appreciate the wonders of nature, and that you have healthy ears to hear.

The more you practice appreciation, the more you will get into the habit of thinking appreciative thoughts, and the less worrisome thoughts you will create.

7. Practice Some Relaxation Techniques

It's hard to worry when your body is feeling relaxed, so regular practice of some relaxation exercises will help slow down those worrying thoughts.

I have created a webpage called Easy Relaxation Techniques which explains many different relaxation techniques that I have used myself. Click here to go to easy relaxation techniques.

8. Find Plenty Of Interesting Things To Do.

How to stop worrying can also be as easy as keeping occupied with fulfilling and enjoyable activities. When you have a job that is satisfying and plenty of social and interesting hobbies and activities that you enjoy, these provide a great distraction to spending your time dwelling on worrying thoughts. So go do it!

how to stop worrying

9. Realise That Worry Attracts More Worry.

All thought processes are energy, just like everything else in the Universe. And so by the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. So when you think worrying thoughts, you will attract to yourself more reasons to think worrying thoughts. You get caught up in a 'worry spiral' that can be hard to break out of.

It's like when you hear a song, and then you can't get that song out of your head and it drives you nuts.

So it would be helpful to put into practice the ideas I talk about on my Self Talk pages to learn how to stop worrying and stop attracting more thoughts that create more worry.

10. Remember, You Will Cope

When the worst does seem to happen and our fears are realised, just remember that we have coping mechanisms that kick in when required, and we usually cope better with situations than we think we will.

Also remind yourself that nothing is permanent, and in the grand scheme of life whatever happens may be insignificant when you look at the big picture.

11. How to Stop Worrying? Remember the Quote!

Remember the quote I mentioned at the top of my page? Well, here it is again:

          "Worry is usually a lot of trouble that never happens".

Every time you catch yourself worrying, just remember that quote - and how true it is. Why waste time and energy worrying about things that will probably never eventuate? You're just making yourself feel terrible for no reason.

I hope you have enjoyed my page about how to stop worrying. If you have any tips you'd like to share, please feel free to contact me here.

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