Enhance Your Life Force With Simple Lifestyle Changes

Did you know that the simple choices you make every day affect your life force?

You are a wondrous being made up of an intricate array of energy systems. The physical part of you that we can all see and touch is merely the lowest vibrating part of your entire being. There is so much more to you!

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When I use the term 'life force', what I am referring to is the flow of life-giving energy throughout your entire being (mind, body and spirit). The traditional Chinese term for this is Qi or Chi.

The way we choose to live our lives has a tremendous effect upon the flow of this life force, and subsequently upon our health and vitality. And not just our physical health, but our emotional and mental health too!

Our energy flow has the amazing ability to correct itself, over and over again. Our vibration is fluctuating up and down all the time. Whenever we come into contact with something or someone whose energy has a lower vibration than ours, it can temporarily drag our energy level down too.

But if we constantly live our lives doing things that impede the flow of Chi, our vitality can begin to suffer on a more permanent basis.

So, what are some easy everyday lifestyle changes you can make that positively affect your vitality?

1. Choose to eat foods that have a high life force.

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Food is pure energy, just as we are. But different foods vibrate at different frequencies. Choosing a diet that is high in strong life force foods and drinks will assist in raising our own vibrational frequency. Conversely, eating many weak or low life force foods will drag our own energy levels down and affect the vibrancy of our own energy body.

Foods that are in their natural state are the foods with the greatest life force. Obviously, freshly picked ripe fruits and vegetables would have a very high life force, especially if they are organic. Unfortunately, pesticides and other chemicals used in horticulture have a very low life force energy, however this should not deter you if you can't buy organic.

Some other foods that are fairly high in vitality include products made with sprouted or wholegrains, nuts (not peanuts or cashews), wheatgrass, and other edible weeds and plants.

Blessing food will also raise its frequency.

Foods that have very low or even no life force will either not contribute to or even deplete your own vitality. These include things such as red meat, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and refined sugars.

Over-cooking food will deplete its life force, and dried or frozen food has no life force at all.

When making food choices, we still need to consider our nutritional requirements. Don't do what I did once - I completely dropped red meat from my diet, and didn't adequately replace it with another good iron source. Very soon I found my self anaemic.

Also, individual tolerances are very important. Something that raises your vitality may lower the vitality of another, and if we eat foods that our bodies don't tolerate well, this will also deplete our energy. For example, I love roasted cashews and macadamias, but within five minutes of eating them I begin to feel 'blah'!

2. Minimise your exposure to chemical toxins.

There has been an explosion in the use of chemicals in this last century. And while the governments of our world consider the physical effects of such substances when determining safe exposure limits, no consideration is ever given to the effect such chemicals have on our energy systems. In fact, most would scoff at the idea.

But chemicals do affect the flow of our life force. Chemicals have such a low vibratory rate that coming into contact with them on a regular basis must have a negative effect on our own vibration, by virtue of resonance. Not to mention the harmful physical effects that manufacturers try to keep quiet. (Don't get me started on that one - I could rant all day!)

So, minimise the chemicals in your life. So many of them are just not necessary. You'll be helping the planet at the same time. Our homes don't need so many harsh and toxic chemicals to keep them clean. There are many safe and natural alternatives.

And most personal care products and cosmetics are a chemical nightmare. There are so many beautiful natural and organic products on the market now that we can totally avoid these. But be careful - learn to read the labels. Many products can quite legally call themselves natural or organic when in fact they are not. Always investigate the manufacturer first.

There are also chemicals in the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we drink - the list goes on and on. While it's impossible to live in this world and not be exposed to chemicals, there is so much you can do to drastically reduce them in your life. All it takes is a bit of research.

3. Spend time in nature.

We are a part of nature. It is inherent within us to be deeply connected to and in tune with nature. Indigenous peoples, such as the Australian Aborigines and the Native Americans, traditionally lived in total harmony with the earth and had a deep respect for her.

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Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population, especially Westerners, now have very little conscious connection with the life force of our beautiful planet and its natural wonders.

Nature has such a healing vibration. For me, just being in nature is the ultimate earthly experience. Whether its sitting in a beautiful forest, walking along a rugged valley in our outback mountains, or just being in my lovely garden, the moment I am surrounded by nature I feel a change within my being.

When you spend time in nature, to get the most out of the experience make sure you are actually in nature. Turn off the radio - nothing irks me more than when were camping or picnicking and someone pulls up nearby and turns on the music. The sounds of nature are so calming and centering.

Take the time to take it all in and allow yourself to feel a part of the nature around you - it's so healing! Listen to the quiet, the sounds of the birds, the breeze in the trees. And look around you and really admire the beauty of nature for all that it is.

From a giant tree to the colours in the tiny rocks below your feet, if you spend time feeling a part of nature your life force will thank you for it.

4. Choose entertainment with positive vibrations.

Everything emits a vibration. Everything is pure energy, so it has to. The difference lies in the frequency of that vibration.

Thoughts are energy, words energy, and emotions are energy. So things like the television shows you choose to watch and the books you choose to read also affect your own energy vibration.

When you see, read or hear something that is unpleasant, scary or traumatic, your body reacts to it as if you are involved, just to a lesser extent. So if you spend every evening in front of the TV watching crime shows, for example, your energy body is taking it all in and begins to lower its vibration in response to what is happening on the screen in front of you. And reading a traumatic book is no different.

We all enjoy a good drama or action movie. But movies that have horrific killing or abuse scenes really make me feel horrible so I avoid these as much as possible. Comedies are my favourite - it feels great to have a good laugh!

So choose your entertainment habits wisely, and limit those that will drag your energy frequency down.

5. Do what brings you joy.

Do you have a pastime, interest or hobby that you enjoy? Did you know that doing things that give you pleasure and enjoyment will raise your frequency and support your life force? (And no I'm not talking about the artificially-induced pleasure some get from various substances - these will definitely deplete your life force).

Don't deny yourself the time to do those things that you enjoy. We all deserve quality time in our lives just for us, to do the things we really look forward to.

And if you don't know what that is, start thinking and looking around. It could be something as simple as spending more time sitting with a cup of tea and a good book. Or maybe mountain climbing is your thing. If you look forward to doing it, it makes you feel good and doesn't impact on anyone or anything else in a negative way, then get to it!

Joy is good!

There are many more things you can do to support your life force, and subsequently your health and vitality. Enjoy looking around my site for some more ideas - I hope you find them helpful.

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