What Does Life Force and Energy Body Mean?

We are amazing beings of energy, with a spiritual life force that constantly feeds and nourishes us. And our energy is always in motion, affected by our thoughts, experiences and our environment.

The existence of energy fields around living organisms has been scientifically proven using many different techniques which have been able to photograph these energy fields.

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This image of a finger tip, using Kirlian photography, demonstrates the energetic field that surrounds us.

Our physical body is just one piece of our entire being. We also have what are known as subtle bodies, and these are made up of much higher frequency energy and so we are not able to detect them so easily with our physical senses.

All levels of our being co-exist in the same physical space at the same time, superimposed upon one another. We know that this is possible because frequencies such as radio, television and satellite broadcasts constantly fill the air, but because their vibrations all differ they generally don't interfere with one another.

Each layer of our subtle body vibrates at a higher and higher frequency and extends a little further out from the physical body than the previous level. And each layer of the subtle body has a different function.

Our subtle energies work from the higher frequency levels downward until they manifest at the physical level. It is through this hierarchy of energy that our Divine Essence, or Spirit, organises the physical body that it uses on this earthly plane.

So you can see that it is these subtle energy fields that create our physical body, and not the other way around. Our physical bodies could not exist without the spiritual life force that constantly supports it. When this energy leaves the body, our physical body dies and begins to break down. Our Spirit is our individual spark of the Divine, and it fills us with the higher guiding intelligence of the Universe.

Our Soul is the connection between our physical body and our Spirit, and provides communication between the two. It is our consciousness, and forever remains connected to the Creator, God, or whatever term you like to use.

The first subtle energy field closest to the physical body is known as the etheric body. This body is like an energetic template of our physical body and it contains the all of the information the cells of our physical body need for growth and repair.

What are the Meridians?

The life force, sometimes known as Ch'i (or Qi), enters the physical body via the meridian system. This energy system lies between the etheric and physical body and is a network of channels that runs throughout the body, feeding it the life force.

The acupuncture points, which are energetic portals on the skin, lie along the meridians.The Ch'i enters the body through these acupuncture points. There are twelve main pairs of meridians, and each pair feeds Ch'i to a different organ system.

This acupuncture-meridian system is the energetic interface between our physical bodies and the various energies that surround us. This includes the energy of our subtle bodies, local energies that surround us coming from other people and from our surroundings, cosmic energies and also from our Higher Self.

What are the Chakras?

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The chakra system provides another way for higher energies to flow into the body. The chakras are oval shaped energy centres which exist within the etheric body (which we know exists in the same space as the physical body, extending just a little further).

Even though there are over 360 chakras in the human body, we are mainly concerned with the seven major chakras which spread from the base of our spine to the top of our head.

The chakras act like transformers to change to step down the incoming energies to lower frequencies, so that they can be more easily integrated into the physical body.

Each major chakra is linked to a different part of the body via fine energy threads known as nadis. These are interwoven with our nervous system.

A vital human life force flows into the chakra at the top of the head (sometimes known as the crown chakra) from the Universe, and this is distributed down through the lower chakras and the physical body. This nourishes the mind, body and spirit.

All of the different parts of our body, energetic and physical, are linked together and work as a whole and exchange various energies with the environment.

Please note that the above description of our energy system is based on my understanding. There are many different interpretations due to the translation of Oriental teachings into the Western mind.

Take care of your energy system for optimal health.

Our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness are all affected by the functioning of our energetic body. There are many different ways you can look after your energy, and this site aims to help you do just that.

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