My Meditation Experiences
- the Unpleasant Side

In the beginning, your meditation experiences may not be what you expect. But don't let that put you off - the benefits of meditation are enormous.

So, you've decided to start a regular meditation practice and you're really looking forward to the inner peace and mental quiet that it will bring. Well, before you start levitating let me share some vital information with you.

If you've already read my page on the emotional release meditation will bring then you'll be aware of why the early days of meditation can create a lot of discomfort. Let me tell you about my early meditation experiences so you don't think you're going nuts.

My Meditation Experiences - Scary But True!

meditation experiences

When I first decided to start meditating it was at a time in my life when I was anxious, stressed, sleeping poorly and generally pretty fed up with my life.

I had heard all about the wonderful positive effects meditation would bring, and I was really looking forward to feeling relaxed, happy and getting a good night's sleep.

So, I trotted off to the local Buddhist group who held weekly meditation lessons for beginners.

We did a few different short meditations, including mindfulness meditation and walking meditation. It felt really nice, and I went home feeling pretty good, and expecting to sleep well that night.

Well, I slept even worse than usual, tossing and turning until about 4 am. I thought that was a bit odd. I did a few short meditations during the week and went back to the group the following week for the lessons.

And again that night I slept really badly. I thought "This is supposed to cure my insomnia, not make it worse! What is going on?"

I persisted and continued to put my new found skills into practice, while still attending the weekly meditation group. But I was beginning to panic a bit because my stress and anxiety levels had not improved and I was sleeping worse than ever.

Then I met another meditation teacher so I went along to that group as well, determined to find answers. I lengthened my meditations to twenty minutes instead of ten, and practiced twice a day.

Well, I began to think I was going crazy. I felt so sad and depressed and was crying all the time for no apparent reason. Feelings of deep, deep sadness and grief began to emerge. I felt such incredible despair. And I was still sleeping badly.

Then I began to get physical symptoms when I meditated. I felt so restless and fidgety I just wanted to burst out of my chair. But I made myself sit through it.

Other times I would feel very nauseous, and my head would be spinning really badly. Often I felt so dizzy during meditation that I would hang on to the sides of the chair to try and stop the feeling.

And during the rest of the day I felt so unwell. I was exhausted from lack of sleep, I felt physically ill and was an emotional wreck. So much for meditation.

But thankfully I had a meditation teacher who explained to me why all this was happening. The meditation process was taking me deep into my subconscious and bringing to the surface all of the old junk that was hidden there. I was going through a process of healing.

I took comfort in the fact that I was releasing and healing a lot of emotional baggage that had accumulated over the years. As difficult as it was at the time, I knew I would get through this and the benefits would be great.

Even though I wasn't often aware of the specifics of what my feelings related to, it didn't matter. I started out trying to analyse what was going on but I had to let this go and just allow everything to move through me, without resistance.

I experienced upheaval of varying degrees for six months from when I first began meditating, and it was probably a whole year before everything really settled down.

Now, I know this length of time is pretty extreme. I haven't seen or heard of many other upheaval experiences that went on for this long. For some, it could just be days or weeks, while others may not notice much at all. Everyone's story is different.

I wanted to share my meditation experiences with you so that you are aware of the possibilities. Not too many will tell you about how difficult starting a meditation practice can be.

But believe me, it has all been worth it. After years of meditation, I am a very different person. And I sleep really well! So don't let my story deter you. If you can relate to my experience, you now know that you are not going insane.

As unpleasant as any upheaval may be at the time, you are gradually releasing all the things that were having a negative effect on your life and inhibiting your inner peace and happiness.

How Flower Essences can Assist the Emotional Healing Process

Back when I began meditating, I wish I had known more about the flower essences. They would have assisted me greatly in the healing process and made my early meditation experiences a lot less difficult.

Flower essences are very safe and powerful healing catalysts and they are now a major part of my life. I use them constantly for a wide variety of reasons.

If you would like my assistance in choosing flower remedies to assist you in any way, you can contact me here.

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