The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety
- Some May Surprise You!

Some physical symptoms of anxiety are obvious, but there are others you may not be aware of. Could some of the physical symptoms you're experiencing be related to general anxiety disorder?

I lived with chronic general anxiety for many years, so I can tell you firsthand about the different symptoms of anxiety that people may experience.

There are a lot of physical symptoms that are regularly associated with anxiety, such as a rapid heartbeat, shaky hands and a churning stomach.

But there are many other physical symptoms that are created as a result of anxiety, yet they are not so obviously linked.

The Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

A lot of physical symptoms of anxiety can be very worrisome and scary at the time. You may also have trouble accepting the fact that your physical distress is actually anxiety-related.

When you begin to understand and acknowledge that you are displaying some physical anxiety symptoms, it's a relief to know that there is nothing actually physically wrong with you. It is then that you can begin to take the first steps toward healing yourself.

The following is a list of physical symptoms that may be related to a generalized anxiety disorder (as opposed to panic attacks or other types of anxiety). You may experience just a couple of these, or find you can relate to many on the list:

CAUTION: Before you assume your symptoms are anxiety related, please check with your medical doctor for the presence of any real physical disorder. It is possible some of the symptoms listed below are caused by real physical problems that require urgent medical attention.

physical symptoms of anxiety
  • shortness of breath or you feel heavy in the chest like you have to force yourself to breathe
  • a rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • muscle tension, especially across the upper back and shoulders, resulting in pain and stiffness
  • trembling hands
  • upset digestion and regular diarrhoea
  • dizzy spells or feeling unsteady
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • numbness or tingling, especially in the hands
  • feeling lethargic and tired most of the time
  • rapid, shallow breathing
  • neck pain and stiffness
  • excessive sweating
  • insomnia, either not being able to fall asleep, or waking early and not getting back to sleep
  • holding your jaw tight or clenching your teeth
  • frequent yawning, which is your body trying to get more oxygen
  • looking pale in the face
  • stabbing pains in the chest
  • back pain or stiffness
  • lump in the throat and feeling like you can't swallow properly
  • hot flushes or cold chills
  • feeling like you are coming down with a virus
  • hyperactivity and excessive nervous energy
  • holding your shoulders up high around your neck
  • feeling weak
  • weight loss or weight gain
  • flutters in the chest or skipped heartbeats
  • feeling concerned about your heart
  • tightness around the scalp
  • feeling giddy
  • dry mouth
  • excessive gas, resulting in belching, flatulence and bloating
  • loss of appetite or excessive eating
  • a metallic or tinny taste in the mouth
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While this is a pretty long list, it is certainly not exhaustive. And you don't need to experience all of these physical symptoms of anxiety to have a general anxiety disorder.

Remember that each person is unique, and the number of or intensity of your physical anxiety symptoms should not be compared with others.

If you find you actually experience several of the scarier symptoms all at the same time, you may actually be having a panic attack. This would include symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, dizziness, shaking, and psychological symptoms such as feeling detached and a fear of dying.

Panic attacks are outside of the scope of my experience, so if you experience panic attacks, please seek further assistance.

Anxiety also displays psychological symptoms. To read about these, please go to my page about the Psychological Signs of Anxiety. These are just as relevant as the physical signs.

If you can accept the fact that you have a general anxiety disorder, and view yourself with compassion, then this is the first step toward releasing yourself from the hold anxiety has over you and your life.

Self Help for Anxiety - the Natural Way

physical symptoms of anxiety

To learn the ways I healed myself from chronic anxiety, please choose from the links below to some of my other pages:

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5. Emotional Healing Exercises - simple but powerful exercises to help you release emotional baggage.

6. Changing your Self Talk - adjusting your inner dialogue to change the way you feel.

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8. Other Self Help for Anxiety Tips

There is no shame or humiliation in having an anxiety disorder of any kind, and that includes the chronic anxiety that I myself have experienced. Having anxiety does not mean you are weak.

Once you realise you have nothing to be afraid of, you can begin to look forward to a more peaceful and content future.

And I know - I have done it for myself.

One of the best natural methods I have found for dealing with anxiety is the amazing flower essences, and they have been a powerful healing tool in my life. I have also witnessed remarkable changes in others through the use of these safe and easy remedies.

If you would like to buy flower essences for anxiety, please contact me here. I will be glad to help you.

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