Psychological Symptoms of Anxiety

Some psychological symptoms of anxiety are obvious, but there are others you may not be aware of. Could some of the symptoms you're experiencing be related to generalised anxiety disorder?

I had chronic general anxiety for many years, so I can tell you firsthand about the different symptoms of anxiety that people may experience.

The Psychological Signs of Anxiety

When you begin to understand and acknowledge that you are displaying some emotional anxiety symptoms, it's almost a relief to know that you're not going crazy, and that you can take the first steps toward healing yourself.

The following is a list of psychological symptoms relating to a generalised anxiety disorder (as opposed to panic attacks or other types of anxiety). You may experience just a couple of these, or find you can relate to the whole list:

psychological symptoms of anxiety
  • an almost constant feeling of being 'on-edge'
  • feeling apprehensive and uneasy for no apparent cause
  • a vague feeling that something bad is going to happen, but you can't put your finger on any specific fear
  • worry about little things that other people seem to take in their stride
  • you find it almost impossible to relax completely
  • if you take a moment to notice, you realise that you have negative thoughts of various kinds streaming through head on a fairly regular basis.
  • you have times when you feel detached, from both yourself and the rest of the world. Your life can seem surreal.
  • you just know that you are 'not quite right'
  • you may be concerned that you are mentally ill
  • there seems to be no rational explanation for the way you feel
  • feeling overwhelmed, in that you have too much to do and you won't be able to cope with it all
  • you have difficulty concentrating and may have a poor short-term memory
  • feeling 'spaced-out'
  • irritability and lack of patience
  • you rarely feel content or just happy, for no real reason
  • you may feel depressed

Remember that each person is unique, and the number of or intensity of your psychological anxiety symptoms should not be compared with others.

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If you can accept the fact that you have a general anxiety disorder, and view yourself with compassion, then this is the first step toward releasing yourself from the hold anxiety has over you and your life.

There is no shame or humiliation in having an anxiety disorder of any kind, and that includes the chronic anxiety that I myself have experienced.

Once you realise you have nothing to be afraid of, you can begin to look forward to a more peaceful and content future.

And I know - I have done it for myself.

I dealt with my general anxiety disorder using only natural methods, and so now I would like to help others to heal themselves in the same way.

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