Release Repressed Anger Using This Emotional Release Technique

One of the biggest challenges to emotional health is repressed anger. Releasing anger in a safe and appropriate manner is very healthy.

This is a well-known exercise for releasing repressed anger and stress, and as with the all of the other techniques I talk about, I have used this several times myself.

It's a good idea before you do any release work to set the intention to be willing release any stored negative emotions. Just say something like "I now set the intention to be willing to release my stored negative emotions", and it is so.

Beat Up a Pillow with a Tennis Racket

repressed anger

Anger is a common emotion that we all feel from time to time, in various degrees and for a multitude of reasons.

I believe it is healthy to express anger in a way that doesn't hurt or frighten others. You can let others know that you are angry without being angry in your heart.

But we have all learned to repress our anger and this only stores the emotional energy within our body. Over time, it builds up until we either reach breaking point and 'snap' or we begin to experience physical symptoms.

To help release stored anger from your body, get yourself a pillow and a tennis racket, or something similar. If you are able to kneel on the floor, put the pillow there, otherwise put it on a bed or couch. Try to use an area that will ensure no-one is likely to hear you, so that your technique is not inhibited in any way.

Hold the racket firmly in both hands, raise your arms over your head and start beating the pillow with the racket. You'll probably start off doing this fairly gently as you might feel a bit silly at first, but as you keep going you're likely to start beating the hell out of it as your emotion begins to surface - this is great! It is also important to let your body make any sort of noise that it wants to. Start of by making a deep noise from within like a groan, as this will also help release the emotion.

As you progress, the noises you make may start to change and get louder and come from deeper within. Just let it all flow. You may even find yourself yelling and swearing.

When I did this, after a while I found myself screaming and cursing at a particular person (they weren't there, of course). I even worked up quite a sweat and felt pretty exhausted afterward. But releasing repressed anger in this way felt like such a relief.

Of course, if you believe you have an ongoing problem with anger in that you seem to feel angry a lot of the time, your anger is irrational or you react aggressively or even violently, please seek professional help to deal with your anger.

I always like to use flower essences to help with any type of emotional release work. They are totally safe, powerful, and easy to use and will enhance any emotional healing technique you use.

I work with the flower essences to help myself and others, so if you would like a personal flower essence consultation you can contact me here.

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