Self Help for Anxiety - From My Personal Experience

Why am I writing about self help for anxiety? I once lived with chronic general anxiety myself for many years, and now I would like to share with you what I have learned.

You see, I am now free of chronic anxiety - I have healed myself using a variety of natural tools and techniques, and discovered that life can feel so good.

Living with generalised anxiety can really deplete your quality of life, so read on and discover some tips about dealing with anxiety, based on my personal experience.

Self Help for Anxiety

1. Accept Your Anxiety

This might sound counterproductive, but it is actually the opposite. The more we try to fight against something and push it away, the stronger it becomes. And this includes anxiety.

Those with anxiety tend to worry about having anxiety, and so then produce more anxiety. If you can say to yourself "Stop, it's okay to experience anxiety. It's just a feeling, and my feelings can't hurt me", then you have begun your journey toward a more peaceful life.

When you notice yourself feeling anxious or worried, don't punish yourself for doing so. Just accept the thoughts and feelings for what they are - just thoughts and feelings. They don't last, and they can be changed.

And remember to be gentle with yourself.

2. Let the Feelings Flow Through You

Whenever you realise you are in an anxious moment, no matter how large or small, allow yourself to feel the anxiety and let it flow through you. Emotion stands for 'energy in motion', and thoughts and emotions are just a type of energy.

By not trying to suppress your anxious feelings and push them down, but letting them be there and flow through you, you will actually help to release them.

So practice this when you notice yourself feeling anxious. The more you can let yourself 'be anxious' and then let it drift away not be 'pushed away', you will prevent the anxiety from building up inside you and creating even more anxiety.

self help for anxiety

3. Help Yourself to Stop Worrying

Those who experience ongoing anxiety spend a lot of their time worrying. Constant worry prevents you from fully embracing and enjoying life. If you're someone who spends a lot of time focusing on the "what if's.....", please have a look at how I stopped myself from being a worry-wart, and reduced my anxiety in the process. Click here for how to stop worrying - great self help for anxiety!

4. Practice Appreciation

People who live with anxiety tend to have overactive minds. All of us, whether we experience anxiety or not, have a regular stream of thoughts that flow through our minds, mostly unnoticed.

And for those living with anxiety, most of these thoughts are fearful or worrisome, even though we might not like to admit it. These constant thoughts, also known as self talk, are generally automatic and we don't even realise they are going through our heads like some recording constantly playing in the background of our lives.

Beginning to consciously appreciate the things in your life is a great way to begin to counteract negative self talk. Our thoughts produce our feelings and emotions, so to improve the way you feel, practice appreciation whenever you remember.

Starting now, what are some of the things in your life that you appreciate? They don't have to be grand, just simple everyday things. Here are some that come to mind for me, to get you started:
- my husband and children who love and support me
- the comfortable home that I live in
- the sun that warms my face
- the sounds of the birds in the trees
- the safe and fresh drinking water that is supplied to our home
- my healthy body
- the car that takes me where I want to go
- the friendly people that I work with
- the easy access I have to healthy food.

No matter how you are feeling right now, there is always something you can stop for a moment and realise you appreciate.

Practising appreciation whenever you remember is a great way to begin changing the way you think. I much prefer random thoughts of appreciation throughout the day than to keep a gratitude diary, because the latter suggests it's just another task we have to fit into our lives.

Personally, I find the word appreciation less demanding than gratitude, and noticing things you appreciate as you go about your day is a good habit to develop. The more you do it, the more it becomes a regular part of your day.

By practising appreciation, our thoughts gradually become less fearful and worrisome, and our general mood begins to improve.

5. Use Flower Essences - Safe and Natural Remedies for Anxiety

I first discovered flower essences many years ago, and they have been an amazing catalyst for healing my anxiety (and numerous other emotional issues). Flower essences help us to heal ourselves from the inside out, so to speak, and are totally safe for anyone.

I love using the flower essences so much that I became a Flower Essence Practitioner, and have been helping others with the flower essences for many years.

If you would like help for your anxiety from the flower essences, you can contact me here at my flower essence services.

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6. More Self Help for Anxiety

There are many other self help for anxiety tools and techniques that I talk about on this website, such as meditation, breathing exercises and herbs. Please go to my page on dealing with anxiety for much more information.

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