50 Great Self Nurturing Ideas

Practising some regular self nurturing is a great way to help you feel better about yourself and gain self esteem. It also helps those with anxiety and depression by helping you relax and rejuvenate.

This list may sound simple, but self nurturing doesn't need to be complicated. By practising at least one or two of these activities every day, you'll learn that it's okay to be kind to yourself, and you deserve to be nurtured.

Don't rely solely on others for nurturing - we need to take responsibility for ourselves. And regular self nurturing will gradually rebuild your sense of self worth and self esteem.

If you're not in the habit of nurturing yourself regularly, you may find it difficult to get started, and perhaps even feel guilty for doing loving things for yourself. But the more self nurturing you do, the easier it gets. So let's get you started.

50 Great Self Nurturing Ideas To Build Your Self Esteem

1. Buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers and display them where you'll see them often. Allow yourself to stop and admire them.

2. Have a massage by a qualified massage therapist.

3. Sit in the warm sunshine and read a good book or magazine.

4. Make yourself a cooked breakfast for a change, and sit somewhere nice to enjoy it.

5. Go for a walk through a nice park, and then sit for a while and watch the world go by.

6. Visit a museum or art gallery, and browse leisurely.

7. Go and see a good movie or live show, alone if need be.

8. Sit at the beach and eat one of your favourite snacks.

9. Wake up early and watch the sun rise from a good vantage point.

10. Do a jigsaw or work on a puzzle book.

11. Go through your wardrobe. Give away any clothes that don't flatter you, and arrange the remaining clothes neatly.

12. Buy yourself some new clothes and shoes.

13. Go for a drive to somewhere scenic.

14. Take warm bath with some oils or bubble bath.

15. Visit a zoo and also read all the information displays about the animals.

16. Have a facial, manicure or pedicure.

17. Buy yourself some new make-up and perfume.

18. Get a haircut, perhaps into a different more flattering style.

19. Get your favourite take-out for dinner and eat it while watching a funny movie.

20. Try some relaxation exercises.

21. Buy something special for yourself that doesn't cost more than you can afford at this time.

22. Cook yourself your favourite meal, set the table nicely and eat by candlelight.

23. Go to a playground and swing on the swings.

24. Go bushwalking (as we call it in Australia) or hiking in nature.

25. Play some dance music and bop around by yourself.

26. Go for a swim and then hop in a spa bath.

27. Buy a nice hand and body lotion and rub it all over your body.

28. Clean your jewellery and begin to wear it every day.

29. Meditate.

30. Make a list of your special achievements, no matter how small they may seem.

31. Read some positive and funny quotes.

32. Write a list of things you'd like to do one day, even if they seem absurd or unattainable.

Self nurturing

33. Go for coffee and cake at your favourite cafe.

34. Go window shopping and browse for as long as you like.

35. Watch a sunset at the beach.

36. Buy a colouring book and some pencils and do some colouring in.

37. Buy a plant and plant it in the garden or in a lovely pot.

38. Put some of your favourite photographs into lovely frames and put them on display.

39. Bounce on a trampoline.

40. Start eating more healthily and practice some regular exercise.

41. Take Tai Chi lessons or join a yoga class.

42. Join a craft or hobby group.

43. Read an inspirational book or listen to an inspirational CD.

44. Snuggle underneath a cosy rug and take an afternoon nap.

45. Lie comfortably on the ground outside and watch the clouds go by. Take note of any interesting shapes that may have special meaning for you.

46. Do some emotional healing exercises.

47. Perform some progressive muscle relaxation.

48. Play with an animal - and if you don't own a pet, borrow a friends.

49. Be a tourist in your own town and explore the attractions right under your nose.

50. Just sit and do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes (without thinking of all the things you think you should be doing). It's delightful.

It's important when you do any self nurturing activity that you allow yourself this time (and money if need be) without feeling guilty. If you're feeling low in self esteem then you may find this difficult at first.

But if you nurture yourself regularly then it will begin to feel more natural and you'll gradually build your feelings of self esteem and self worth. Because after all, you deserve it!

Happy nurturing!

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