Why Your Self Talk Will Affect Your Life

Words and thoughts have their own energy, including self talk. Everything you think and say affects your personal vibration, and the way you feel.

Try this little exercise for me. Say the sentence below to yourself (in your head is just fine). Say it several times, and when you do, notice how it makes you feel. Notice the sensations and reactions in your body. How does it affect your mood? Give it a try.

"I'm so useless and pathetic. I'm no good at anything, and everything goes wrong for me. Nobody loves me that much - why would they? And what if I end up with some horrible disease? The cancer rate these days is really high - it would be just my luck! And I'm always broke - I never have any money. It's not fair! Gee, I hope the plane I'm going on next week doesn't crash."

Okay, so now how do you feel? I notice my body suddenly feeling very heavy after saying this just once.

Now trying saying the following sentence to yourself several times:

"I am so proud of myself. I put my best effort into that assignment, and I know I'll do well. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people around me, and I really appreciate all the little things in my life. And what a beautiful day it is outside today! I feel great! And I'm really excited about that plane trip next week."

After saying this to myself, I feel wonderfully light!

Do you know what your self talk is saying?

These sorts of conversations go on in our head, day in, day out, but it's usually so automatic that we don't even notice it. And we all just assume our thoughts are positive - I mean, none of us want to see ourselves as a whinger!

But self talk is rarely deliberate. And because we tend to accumulate many negative beliefs and fears during our lives, our subconscious is filled with lots of rubbish that does not serve us well.

It is from these fears and negative beliefs that our self talk is created, and it streams through our mind on a fairly constant basis - the mind is a hard thing to keep quiet!

Some Main Points About Self Talk

  • Our inner talk is almost constant and so habituated that most of the time we don't even notice it.
  • Even though we may not be consciously focusing on our self talk, our subconscious mind is listening to everything we say to ourselves, including the constant mind chatter.
  • We often don't try to create this inner talk, it just happens on auto-pilot.
  • Our body reacts to this inner dialogue by producing feelings and emotions that we don't even realise are being created by our mind chatter.
  • The majority of most people's mind chatter is negative rather than positive.
  • It can happen so quick, that just one thought leads to an almost instantaneous stream of related thoughts.
  • Self talk also includes thoughts in the form of pictures that flash through our mind, virtually unnoticed.
  • The feelings and emotions produced by our inner talk then lead to bodily reactions, such as those associated with anxiety , when the talk is negative.
  • The subconscious mind accepts all of our self talk as the truth, even if it is not, and then goes about creating the circumstances to match.
  • Positive thoughts attract other positive thoughts, and negative thoughts attract other negative thoughts.

As mentioned previously, words and thoughts have an energetic vibration. Everything in the Universe is merely energy - it is only the frequency of the vibration of that energy that makes different energies distinguishable from one another.

Positive, happy thoughts have a high vibrational frequency, while the energy of negative thoughts has a much lower vibration.

We are also made up of different bodies of energy, all vibrating at different rates. We have a subtle energy body as well as a physical body. So it is logical that the types of thoughts we have will affect the vibration of our whole being.

And our vibration affects our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. It also determines what we attract to ourselves.

An energy body with a negative or low vibration will attract things to it that also have a negative vibration. A positive or high frequency body will attract other positive things.

The self talk that goes through our head also creates emotions. It is always the thought that comes first, and then the feelings will follow. So the type of inner talk that you have going on will decide how you feel throughout the day.

So what type of mind chatter would you prefer to have? I guess the answer is pretty obvious!

We are Responsible for How We Feel

It is the thoughts we think in response to certain situations and events that determines how we feel, not the external situation itself. As hard as it can be to accept, no-one or nothing can "make us" feel anything.

If someone criticises me, my immediate thoughts would be something like "Well they obviously think I'm useless, and they don't like me. I'm never good enough. Seems I can't do anything right." Then, of course, I would start feeling pretty bad about myself and my value, and it would appear to be the other person's fault for criticising me and "making" me feel that way.

But what if my thoughts had been completely different? What if I thought "Okay, point taken. Maybe I could have done that better. But I did the best I knew how at the time. I'm sure they weren't trying to hurt me. It doesn't matter anyway."

These thoughts would have a completely different effect on my mood.

As hard as it is, when you realise and accept that you are responsible for how you feel (except of course, if you have a physiological or psychological imbalance), you can then begin to change your outlook on life. This is very empowering!

We Can Learn to be in Control of our Self Talk

The great news is you can learn to be aware of your thoughts and you can learn to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones until positive thoughts become normal for you.

As Louise Hay says: "It's only a thought, and a thought can be changed."

My self talk use to be terrible. And of course, my mood was often pretty low. But when I realised that my negative mind chatter was contributing to my anxiety, I knew I had to change this habit if I was going to change my life and heal myself.

So I know that it can be done. My inner talk these days is usually quite positive (hey, no-one gets it perfect all the time). And I have taught myself to be more aware of my thoughts, so that when I realise I am on a negative thought stream, I can take corrective measures.

Go to my page on Negative Self Talk to learn more about the different types of negative thinking, and how it affects your life.

Let me show you how I changed my negative thinking habits (and that's all it is - a habit!) Visit my page on changing your inner talk from negative to positive and I will teach you how it can be done.

See you there!

My page on Positive Thinking Phrases will give you some examples and ideas for phrases that you can use to counter your negative thoughts.

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