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Inner Peace

What is Inner Peace - We all want it, but what exactly is it?

Inner Peace Quotes - To soothe your soul and help you connect with your true self.

Flower Essences

Introduction to Flower Essences - Discover the glorious healing power of the flower essences.
What are Flower Essences? - Learn exactly what flower essences are and how they are made.
Benefits of Flower Essences - Using flower essences as a healing tool has some amazing benefits.
How Flower Essences Work - These vibrational remedies help us to heal at a very high level.
How to Take Flower Essences - There are many easy ways to administer flower essences, to yourself and others.
Australian Bush Flower Essences - These very powerful essences are made from the unique flowers of the Australian bush - my country!
Bach Flower Essences - These well known essences originated in England in the 1930's.
Flower Essences and Anxiety - Looking for a natural way to help relieve your anxiety?
Modifying Children's Behaviour - Flower essences work great on children, and they are totally safe!
Dealing with Guilt - Having trouble letting go of guilt? Let the flowers help you.
Forgiveness - Learning how to forgive yourself and others will set you free from the past and allow you to grow.
Worry - Learn how to stop worrying using my tips and techniques - they have worked for me!
Overcoming Low Self Esteem - improve your confidence and self esteem and improve your life.
Women and Body Image - develop a more healthy self image and appreciate your body.

Emotional Healing

Introduction to Emotional Healing - Emotional baggage can weigh us down. Try my favourite (and easy) emotional healing exercises.
Write a Letter, Read it Aloud, then Burn It - Help to release those negative feelings you have toward others.
Staircase to your Inner Sanctuary - Discover what lies beneath the surface that is causing you emotional pain.
Arms Open to the Universe - Feel the freedom that comes with releasing your negative emotions to the Universe.
Beat a Pillow to Release Anger - A safe and effective way to help release stored anger from your body.
Drawing Pictures for Emotional Release - You'll be amazed at what you find yourself drawing.
A Pink Bubble of Light - Try this beautiful and relaxing emotional healing technique.
Forgiveness - Allowing yourself to forgive is for your own benefit, and it doesn't mean you are condoning another's behaviour.
Emotional Freedom Technique - Tap away your negative emotions and allow your true self to shine through.
Meditate to Dissolve Emotions - One of the great benefits of meditation is the emotional release.

Energy Healing Techniques

Why Energy Healing is Important - Improve your overall wellbeing by taking care of your energy system.
Life Force - What is our subtle energy body and what does it do?
Flower Essences for Energy Healing - Flower essences are a powerful and easy way to restore your energy balance.
Cutting the Etheric Cords - How to remove the cords that may be draining your energy.
Aura Cleansing - Easy ways to keep your energy field clear of past attachments and imbalances.
Salt Water Bath - A lovely way to cleanse your aura of negative energy.
Clearing Negative Energy - A simple but powerful ritual for clearing negativity from any situation.
House Cleansing - How to remove negative energy from your home environment and keep it peaceful and harmonious.
Lifestyle Choices - Easy ways to improve your energy vibration by making simple lifestyle changes.
Emotional Freedom Technique - Tap away the disruption in your natural energy flow.


Get Started with Meditation - My easy-to-read guide will have you meditating in no time.
Benefits of Meditation - Learn about the wonderful physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.
Basics for Beginners - Everything a beginner needs to know to get started.
Easy Meditation Techniques - Find links to the various types of meditation, where I explain them to you in beginner's language.
Mindfulness Meditation - Enjoy my beginner's guide to meditating mindfully - it's my favourite meditation technique.
Focused Meditation - Learn how to meditate using a specific focus, such as a mantra or an object.
Walking Meditation - This meditation technique may be good for you if you have trouble sitting still.
Breathing Meditation - Learn different ways to use the breath as an object of focus.
Emotional Release - This can be one of the unpleasant effects of meditation - but worth the temporary discomfort.
My Meditation Experiences - Read about the unpleasant side of my early meditation experiences.


How to Forgive - Allowing yourself to forgive is for your own benefit, and it doesn't mean you are condoning another's behaviour.
How to Forgive Yourself - Self forgiveness is one of the greatest paths to true healing.
Definition of Forgiveness - I offer you my take on what forgiveness is all about, as well as a forgiveness process.
Forgiveness Quotes - Absorb the wisdom of these quotes about forgiveness.


Dealing with Anxiety Naturally - I share with you the tools and techniques I used to free myself from chronic anxiety.
Physical Symptoms of Anxiety - Some of these may surprise you.
Psychological Symptoms of Anxiety - Just how can a generalised anxiety disorder make you feel?
Causes of Anxiety - The cause of your anxiety may not be obvious, but my list may help you to understand.
Definition of Anxiety - How I would define anxiety based on my experience.
Using Flower Essences for Anxiety - An easy and effective way to help yourself to heal from anxiety.
Negative Self Talk and Anxiety - What goes on in your head may be affecting you more than you think. Learn how to change it.
Benefits of Meditation - Meditation is a wonderful way to relieve your anxiety in both the short and long term.
Alternate Nostril Breathing - Learn how to do this easy little technique. It's a powerful way to feel instant relief!
Acupressure for Anxiety - Try this easy and effective home remedy for anxiety you can do anytime, anywhere.
Emotional Healing - Addressing your withheld negative emotions will go a long way toward healing your anxiety disorder.
Other Natural Anxiety Remedies - There are herbs and supplements to help you feel better while you are in the process of healing your anxiety for good.
Self Help for Anxiety - some more tips for reducing anxiety, from my personal experience.

Self Talk

Introduction to Self Talk - What is self talk and why will it affect your life?
Negative Self Talk - Learn about the different types of negative self talk, and how it affects you.
Changing your Inner Talk - How I went about changing my self talk from negative to positive (most of the time!)
Positive Thinking Phrases - Some examples and ideas for phrases you can use to counter your negative inner talk.

Self Esteem

Overcoming Low Self Esteem - How I increased my self esteem, and how you can too.
Define Self Esteem - What exactly is self esteem? Here's my checklist of the traits of good self esteem.
Causes of Low Self Esteem - The childhood experiences that can lead to low self esteem as an adult.
Signs of Low Self Esteem - Check my list to help determine your level of self esteem.
Self Nurturing - Try my list of 50 self nurturing ideas to help improve your self esteem.


Best Ways to Relax - Easy relaxation techniques that will provide the deep relaxation your mind and body need.
Breathing Exercises for Anxiety - Consciously controlling the breath is a great way to calm the mind.
Alternate Nostril Breathing - This quick and easy breathing exercise will leave you feeling more peaceful and clear-headed.
Tissue Salts - These are very safe natural remedies that balance your body's mineral chemistry and help you feel better.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Easy steps to learn this deep relaxation activity that releases the muscle tension in your body, and relaxes your mind at the same time.
Guided Relaxation Meditation - Immerse yourself in this peaceful visualisation and enjoy the wonderful benefits.

Inspiring Articles

Inspiring Words - This is my little collection of articles that I have written on a variety of topics. I hope you find them helpful and inspiring.
Follow Your Dream - Do you have a longing in your heart to fulfill a dream? I hope this article helps you follow that dream.

Flower Essence Services

Flower Essence Services - If you would like a personal flower essence consultation, you can contact me here.

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