Taking Flower Essences - 10 Easy Methods

If you've found your way to my page on taking flower essences, then congratulations on being aware of one of the most amazing and powerful energy healing methods available!

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I just love taking flower essences, and could rave about them all day. They have helped me immensely, and I have seen so many wonderful changes in others from using the flower essences.

But this page is about different ways of actually taking the flower essences to gain their many benefits. And you'll be surprised at how many easy and effective ways there are of taking flower essences.

1. Drops Into The Mouth

taking flower essences

The traditional way of taking flower essences is by drops into the mouth, under the tongue. Placing the drops under rather than on top of the tongue will enhance their absorption. When using this method, be careful not to let the dropper touch any part of your mouth, as this can create bacterial growth within the essence.

2. Drops Into Your Drinks

You can add your recommended dose of flower essence into drinks such as water, juice, herbal teas or milk. Diluting the remedies in this way certainly does not reduce their effectiveness.

This is a great way of administering the drops to children who are reluctant to open their mouths for you. They won't even know there are drops in their drink.

3. Rub Onto The Skin

In a situation where someone is unable to take a flower essence by mouth, for example if they are unconscious unable to co-operate, they can be very effectively administered by gently rubbing them onto the skin.

The best places for doing this are the lips, temple, wrists, behind the ears, palms of the hands or soles of the feet.

This is also a great way to give the drops to kids who are unwilling to take them by mouth. You can even do this when they are sleeping, as children usually sleep quite deeply.

If you are using a flower essence to remove etheric cords, you can rub the essence directly into the skin at your 'feeling centre', also known as the solar plexus. This is halfway between your navel and the base of your sternum.

4. Drops Into The Bath

A wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy taking flower essences is to add them to your bath and enjoy a warm soak in the energy of the flowers.

You can add the recommended dosage of the personal prescription you are taking at the time, or choose something that you feel you need right at that moment. For example, after a stressful, busy day you might like to add essences that will help you to relax and let the busy thoughts drift away.

Soak in your flower essence bath for at least 30 minutes. Relax and enjoy!

taking flower essences

5. Splash Or Spray Onto The Body

This is a great method to use when you are treating skin conditions such as eczema, burns, blisters, fine cuts, or other skin lesions.

Add the recommended number of drops to a bowl of spring water, then splash it onto the affected area. Allow the area to dry naturally.

Even easier is to add some spring water to an atomiser or spray bottle and add your drops to this. Just spray the diluted essences onto your skin and allow to dry.

There are some readily available spray bottles of essences available, such as Emergency Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Essence range. This is great to spray directly onto the skin for sudden events such as burns, insect and animal bites and grazes, or you can make up your own spray bottle of this combination if you have the appropriate essences available.

6. Spray Them Around The Room

A great way to improve the atmosphere of a room, as well as assisting everyone who enters into that space, is to add the essence to an atomiser filled with spring water and spray it around the room.

For instance, if you were to spray essences around that promote calmness, clarity and harmony, this would be a great way to prepare a room before a meeting or discussion. Or even for the family home.

The Space Clearing Essence by Australian Bush Flower Essences comes in a readymade spray bottle, and is fantastic at clearing negative mental, emotional and psychic energies from any room. I use it regularly at home to keep the house nice and clear. I also spray my area at work regularly, as well as take it everywhere when we travel to clear our motel room of any unpleasant energies. You never know what's gone on in the room before you.

You can also spray the Space Clearing Essence around yourself and it will permeate your aura. This is a nice way to help protect yourself before you venture into crowded areas. I often spray with it when I get home from somewhere such as a busy supermarket. I feel instantly cleansed of any unpleasant vibes.

7. Add Them To Lotions Or Oils

Another easy way of taking flower essences is to add them to your favourite skin lotion that you use every day. It is certainly recommended that you only use pure, botanical-based lotions, not only for the best effect from the flower essences, but also because these are much better for your skin and body also.

There are many petrochemicals and other nasties in most skin care products that you buy, so for your long term health and beauty, try to buy organic.

Add the flower essence at stock strength rather than from a dosage bottle, and every time you rub your lotion onto your skin you will be gaining the wonderful healing qualities of your essence.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences produce a beautiful range of ready-made body lotions that already contain flower essences, so you might find one of these to suit your needs.

8. Drop Them Onto Your Crown Chakra

You can drop the essence onto your crown chakra, which is right in the centre of the top of your head. The energy of the flower will flow through your energy system to where it is needed most.

9. Spray Or Drop Them Onto Your Clothes Or Pillow

Another lovely way to gain the benefits of the flower essences is to spray your clothes with your chosen blend, or you can also spray or drop them onto your pillow before going to bed.

10. Add Them To Food

And last but not least, my final suggestion for ways of taking flower essences is to add the drops to your food. This is an especially handy way to administer the drops to children. I would recommend you add the drops when the food is ready to be eaten. What an easy and handy way to help those you love!

As you can see, the ways of taking flower essences is really only limited by your imagination. This is especially true of the Australian Bush Flower Essences, as they are very stable and have such a high life force.

Have you tried any other ways of taking flower essences? If so, I would love to hear from your so we can share ideas. Please contact me here and I will add your idea to this page.

Happy healing!

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