Tissue Salts to Help You Relax

If you're looking for a safe and gentle way to help you relax, tissue salts are a great addition to your relaxation routine.

So just what are these salts?

Our bodies contain 12 essential minerals that are naturally present within us all, and they are essential for our body to function healthily. If any of these minerals are deficient or imbalanced, we may develop ailments or ill health.

Tissue salts are preparations that contain micro-doses of these 12 essential minerals, and they also encourage our cells to utilise these minerals in a more efficient way.

Because they are such a low potency homeopathic dose, they are very safe to use.

We may develop different symptoms, depending upon the essential mineral that we are lacking. I have found that there are two of these salts that are particularly good if you want to feel more relaxed.

2 Great Tissue Salts to Help You Relax

1. Kali Phos (full name Potassium Phosphate)

The main function of Kali Phos is as a nerve nutrient so it's great for any nervous conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, general nervousness, insomnia and tension headaches.

So if you find it difficult to relax, taking Kali Phos will be a great help.

I use Kali Phos for myself if there is something that is worrying me and causing me stress. It helps the worry drift away and brings about a feeling of general calm.

It will help with that "always on edge" feeling that makes it near impossible to relax, even when you're trying.

It is also great for general weariness and is a good pick-me-up.

2. Mag Phos (full name Magnesium Phosphate)

The main function of Mag Phos is as a nerve relaxant, and it supplements the action of Kali Phos.

Generally, Mag Phos is used for reducing nerve pain, spasms and muscle cramps. But when taken alongside Kali Phos, these two make a great remedy for restoring the nervous system to a balanced state. Combined, they are also great for insomnia due to nervousness and worry.

How to take your Tissue Salts

Because they are so safe they can be used by the whole family, even children and pregnant women.

They can also be used alongside other forms of treatment and supplements, even prescription medication.

And because their potency is so low, there is no risk of side-effects or over-dosage. They work by stimulating the body's natural processes, so any reaction you may have is purely a healing response and is likely to be minimal.

Dosage: Generally, adults take one tablet per dose, and the tablet should be dissolved on or underneath the tongue. You can take a dose every half hour until you begin to feel better, then gradually reduce the dosage until you are taking it three or four times a day. The usual dosage for children is half a tablet, which may dissolved in a little warm water if need be.

Because these remedies can be taken freely, you can alter the dosage any time as needed. And if you are taking more than one remedy at a time, you can just alternate them.

You don't necessarily need to take the remedies on a continual basis. Just take them for as long as needed, then you can take them again whenever necessary.

Where can you buy tissue salts?

The salts are available over the counter at most health food stores, and even pharmacies. They are also readily available online.

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