What Are Flower Essences?

So what are flower essences exactly? Well, you've obviously heard the term flower essence or flower remedy, but there are many who don't realise exactly what they are. So I would like to explain.

Flower essences are an incredibly unique and special form of healing. They are very different from most other natural remedies, and making a flower essence is a sacred event.

Firstly, I will tell you what they are not. They are not essential oils, herbal remedies or homeopathic preparations. They are not chemical medications or nutritional remedies. So, what are they then?

What Are Flower Essences?

what are flower essences

Flower essences are vibrational remedies. They capture the life force of the flower within water. They are essentially "flower energy in a bottle".

All plants contain a life force, or a spiritual energy, and the flower contains the plant's highest concentration of this life force.

Every different type of flower that we make an essence from has its own very special healing property, and these healing qualities really are a wondrous gift from nature to humanity.

Basically, the essence is prepared by floating the flowers on top of a glass bowl filled with pure water, which is left in the sun for several hours. The sunlight infuses the life force of the flowers into the water, as water has the ability to hold energetic patterns.

There is much care taken in the sacredness and purity of the environment in which the flower essence is prepared.

When the essence is ready, the flowers are removed from the bowl and the essence is then diluted and preserved with brandy. There is no physical part of the flower left in the water when the essence is bottled. If there is any small amount of physical matter, the amount left in the highly dilute dosage bottle that we then take is so infinitesimal that it cannot be measured.

But even though the essence is diluted, the nature of energy is such that the strength of the flower's vibration in the water remains intact in every dosage bottle that we take. A bottle of flower essence is a very potent source of healing energy.

Each type of flower essence contains the specific energetic pattern of the flower from which it was made. And when we take this energy into our bodies it has the ability to rebalance and adjust our own energy system.

By healing our own various energy fields using the flower remedies, the flowers influence our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. This is a very high-level form of healing, since we are not just covering up our symptoms, but dealing with issues at their energetic core.

So I hope I have answered your question about what are flower essences. If you would like your very own flower essence consultation, I am available online. Just click here.

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