What is Inner Peace, and How Do We Attain It?

So just what is inner peace? One thing is certain, peace is something we all long for.

Inner peace is not a place that we go to, it is something we become aware of.

It's not a thing that we search for, it's a state of being we allow to come to the surface.

Finding peace can feel like a daunting task but we don't "do" peace, we "be" peace.

To experience inner peace, we don't have to be anywhere else, do anything else, be anyone else. We don't have to wait for changes in our circumstances, we don't need to buy anything, or change anyone else's behaviour.

We tend to search for peace like it is some kind of prize that only the special few are entitled to.

But peace is who you truly are. It's your natural state of being.

What is Inner Peace

Finding inner peace is about releasing ourselves from all of the layers of beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that have built up over the years, and allowing our true essence to shine through.

There's no denying that life can be incredibly difficult. Life is full of challenges and can sometimes be downright miserable. We all know that.

But even while you may be experiencing unpleasant or stressful circumstances, you can still begin to turn inward and get in touch with your peaceful inner being.

What is Inner Peace?

  • Inner peace is a state of being. It is not a place that we go to or a thing that we do.

  • Inner peace can only come when we stop dwelling on the past and stop worrying about the future.

  • Finding inner peace is not about denying the body or the reality of day to day physical life. It's not about dumping all of our responsibilities or throwing in our jobs. It's about the ability to find present moment awareness in everything we do.

  • Inner peace comes from being totally accepting of the moment we are in right now. And if that moment feels horrible, know that it will pass.

  • We don't need to go searching for inner peace. Developing a feeling of more peace in our lives takes practice, but inner peace comes from turning inward, not outward.

  • Inner peace is deep within us all. After all, it's our natural state of being.  We just have to learn how to let it through to the surface.

  • What is inner peace? It is you. It's an awareness of the pure spiritual being that you are.

  • It's knowing deep in your heart that you are an eternal being of love, and all is well.

Finding inner peace is about learning to heal those things that prevent us from experiencing our natural peaceful state.

Finding Inner Peace

Because inner peace is a state of being, not doing, it can be a little hard to put into words. Living in a peaceful state could mean that we experience more of the following on a regular basis:

  • we find ourselves worrying less and smiling more
  • there is less tendency to be judgemental and critical of ourselves and others
  • we feel more content and appreciative of all the good things in our lives
  • there are less fearful and negative thoughts racing through our heads
  • we let go of the need for drama and conflict in our lives
  • we develop trust and faith in the Universe and know that all will be well
  • there is a greater connection to and appreciation of nature
  • we let go of the need to dwell on the past
  • we understand that there is no need to fear the future
  • there is less need to point the blame at others
  • there is more kindness shown to ourselves and others
  • we enjoy more quiet time without needless distractions
  • we are able to sit and be still, and just be in the moment

How Do We Achieve Inner Peace?

Because inner peace is a state of being, you can choose to be peaceful in this moment, right here and now - but unfortunately things aren't always that easy.

The experience of life means that we accumulate "stuff" as we go - beliefs, fears, regrets, doubts, anxieties, judgements, anger and resentment, just to name a few. Our inner peace becomes clouded by all of these things, until we get to the point where we forget it even existed.

So rediscovering what is inner peace and being able to live in that state more often involves learning to heal and let go of all of those things that I mentioned above. It is very much a personal healing journey.

On this website, my aim is to share with you many of the methods I used to heal those things in my life that were smothering my own inner peace. These include:

Nobody feels totally peaceful all of the time, but the more we can be aware of what is disrupting our inner peace, let go, and learn to change our behaviour, the more we can allow those moments of inner peace to come though.

Over time, inner peace comes more easily and frequently. But the journey begins now, with you, and that very first step.

Inner Peace Quotes

What would a site about inner peace be without a collection of beautiful inner peace quotes to nurture you.

To help you discover what is inner peace and how to find it, please click here to enjoy these quotes on inner peace. They are truly inspirational.

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